Sykkuno announces shock move to YouTube Gaming

Alan Bernal
sykkuno youtube gaming

Sykkuno has announced a move to YouTube Gaming as the site’s newest exclusive signing after skyrocketing to Twitch fame.

Fans saw the writing on the wall days ahead of the reveal, but now everyone’s favorite green-hoodied streamer is preparing for the next chapter of his career.

Joining close friend Valkyrae, Sykkuno is the latest name of top-talent broadcasters in the scene to make the leap to YouTube.

The 100T co-owner made a cameo appearance in Sykkuno’s announcement video, which was largely aimed at promising his fans that nothing other than the URL would change after the switch.

Sykkuno went from a small-time streamer who would occasionally feature in big Twitch streams to commanding his own audience with an insane four million followers.

May 1 indeed marked the last ‘National Sykkuno Day’ on Twitch, which culminated into an emotional stream that had many wondering if it was his last hurrah on the site.

YouTube courted the soft-spoken streamer away from Twitch, where he’ll now broadcast for his 2.66 million subscribers on the site.

sykkuno valkyrae
Sykkuno joins Valkyrae and other top streamers on YouTube Gaming.

Sykkuno quickly made a name for himself as Twitch’s wholesome streamer and pushed past brief episodes of drama throughout his rise on the platform.

The streamer follows a litany of top talent who have made the move over to Google’s branch of the industry, leaving Amazon’s streaming brand behind. People like Ludwig, Valky, DrLupo, TimTheTatman, and more have also exclusively signed with YouTube Gaming.

Sykkuno will make his YouTube Gaming debut on May 3 days after bidding his fans a fond farewell to his former streaming home.

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