Sykkuno concerned Twitch exclusivity change could be “really bad” for streamers

Sykkuno worried about Twitch changesTwitch: Sykkuno

Sykkuno is one of the latest streamers to share his fears over the rumored monetization changes that could soon be coming to Twitch, with the worry that the change could have a particularly damaging effect on big streamers.

As one of the world’s leading streaming platforms, Twitch has amassed over 2 million broadcasters since it was bought by Amazon in 2014, with 50k creators going on to become partners. Many partnered streamers have gone on to enjoy very profitable careers thanks to a 50/50 or 70/30 revenue split by streaming exclusively on the platform.

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However, Twitch is reportedly eyeing up a series of monetization changes. According to Bloomberg, this includes revenue splits being capped at 50/50 and streamers including more ad breaks. Not only that, but Twitch reportedly plans to cut exclusivity deals, meaning creators could stream on multiple platforms.

Understandably, the streaming community has been rocked by the rumors with many creators already speaking out against the changes. Now, Sykkuno has voiced his thoughts that the changes could be “very bad” for streamers. However, he went against the grain saying the “no exclusivity” plans could also be a problem.

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Twitch monetization changesTwitch
The streaming community has been shaken by reports Twitch plans to make changes to its monetization policies.

Sykkuno disagrees with fans over Twitch exclusivity plans

There were several changes in the report which were blasted by Twitch viewers and streamers, alike. However, the idea of exclusivity deals being cut was met with praise as it would allow streamers to broadcast on multiple platforms.

Yet, Sykkuno claimed it was also a “bad” idea. “It sounds good, but it’s bad because of what you get for exclusivity,” he explained. “A lot of big streamers get special deals to stay on Twitch […] the thing is no exclusivity means they’re not going to get those deals anymore.”

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After a fan argued that no exclusivity would be better for bigger streamers, Sykkuno disagreed saying it could be “really bad.” He claimed: “A lot of big streamers have a contract to be exclusive with Twitch and they get a lot of money. So, if Twitch says ‘we’re not doing that anymore’ that means they don’t get those contracts anymore.”

Sykkuno worried over “scary” Twitch changes

Similar to his fellow streamers, Sykkuno expressed his fears over Twitch’s reported plans to cap revenue splits to 50% is “really bad” as creators could “lose out on a lot of money.”

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Sykkuno also panned the possible change of more ads being included during streams. The topic of ad usage has been particularly controversial in recent times with Twitch offering $100 to streamers who run two minutes of ads for every hour they stream, much to the anger of viewers.

“I think it’s going a little far,” the streamer said. “I think everyone’s already seen a lot of the changes they plan on doing which is kind of scary, honestly.”

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