When is Sykkuno merch coming out? Twitch star teases apparel launch

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When is Sykkuno merch dropTwitter: Sykkuno

Twitch star Sykkuno is planning on dropping merch for the very first time. Here is everything you need to know to get your hands on it.

Sykkuno has become one of Twitch’s biggest streamers, with over 4 million followers on the site.

He’s promised fans for years now he would drop merch for them to wear. But, nothing has ever come from it, until now.

The Offline TV member finally shed some light on when his branded gear is coming, and what to expect when it drops.

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Sykkuno_coverSykkuno is dropping branded merch for the very first time.

When is Sykkuno merch coming out?

In an April 8 tweet, Sykkuno revealed that his merch line will be releasing in a week.  This means that the line will officially come out on Friday, April 15.

In a Twitch stream on March 25, he went into detail about what kind of clothing pieces fans can expect, and why it’s taken so long to be released.

“It’s going to be a really simple drop. I actually feel bad because of how simple it really is. I can already tell people are going to be like, ‘Why did this take so long?'”

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The OTV streamer also said getting merch out was “harder than I thought,” as he encountered tons of production delays.

Several days later, a slew of photos of the merchandise were shared over on Twitter, showing Sykkuno and other streamers like DisguisedToast, Valkyrae, Pokimane, and Fuslie modeling the new clothing.

Thus far, it looks like the merch will consist of hoodies, scarves, and T-shirts, although the full extent of the line remains to be seen.

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How to buy Sykkuno’s merchandise

Fans can nab Sykkuno’s merch on the official website, where they can sign up to get notified right when the merch drops.

Sykkuno did note that the scarves in particular could be in low quantity, as the demand for them might not be high.

Stay tuned to Dexerto as more info about the launch comes to light.

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