Disguised Toast explains why being a YouTuber is “harder” than Twitch streaming

Emma Hill
Twitch streamer Disguised Toast with Twitch and YouTube logos

Streamer Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang has shared that he has “way more respect” for YouTubers given how hard it is to make it big on the platform compared to Twitch.

Numerous Twitch streamers have made the huge decision to switch from Twitch to YouTube as the rivalry between the two platforms continues to heat up.

However, some streamers have struggled with the change and adapting to YouTube’s algorithm in their attempts to go viral.

Now, popular streamer Disguised Toast has explained the difference between working on the different platforms and why it’s harder to break the barrier on YouTube.

DisguisedToast Amongus
Disguised Toast first started streaming on Twitch in 2015 before switching to Facebook Gaming. He then returned to Twitch in 2021.

Disguised Toast claims it’s “harder” to be a YouTuber

Disguised Toast appeared on his OfflineTV Podcast on July 1 with his fellow host Scarra and guest anime expert and Trash Taste podcast host Gigguk.

The trio was discussing how streaming became particularly popular and “elevated” during the pandemic. However, Toast believes it is still “harder” to be a YouTuber than a Twitch streamer even though streaming has become more mainstream.

“I have more respect for YouTubers,” Toast claimed. “YouTubers are definitely more well-adjusted in my opinion in terms of work ethic.”

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However, Scarra added: “What I love about YouTube is I think it’s more rewarding to be creatively fulfilling. I feel like each video can be unique and cool and I feel like that’s more difficult to do with streaming.”

The group also critiqued what they called “high-school” behavior among the streaming community in which streamers hit out at each other over their view count.

Disguised Toast has always avoided any such rumors that he could also soon be moving to YouTube. However, he has previously claimed that “at least” 5 more streamers are moving to the platform following Sykkuno’s big switch.

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