Sykkuno explains how Ludwig has helped make YouTube a “true Twitch rival”

Emma Hill
Ludwig and Sykkuno streaming on YouTube

Sykkuno has praised YouTuber Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren for helping grow the platform into a “true” competitor against Amazon-owned platform Twitch. 

Ludwig shook the internet in November 2021 when he announced that he was making the big move from Twitch to YouTube.

Things got off to a rocky start for the 27-year-old who faced a series of bans just days after the change and has shared his struggles with getting to grips with YouTube’s streaming setup.

However, not only had Ludwig’s toil worked well in the end for him, but his friend Sykkuno believes that he’s actually helped to improve YouTube as a streaming platform for his fellow creators.

Sykkuno praises YouTube for hiring Ludwig

During his stream on July 7, Sykkuno watched LilyPichu’s announcement that was moving to YouTube Gaming after having streamed on Twitch for 10 years.

According to Sykkuno, it is thanks to Ludwig that a number of big-name streamers have followed in his footsteps and switched to YouTube from Twitch.

“I think the best person YouTube got for sure was Ludwig,” he claimed. “Everyone looks up to Ludwig. He went before me, and him going made me feel comfortable. Then me and him both going probably made more people feel more comfortable.”

(Topic begins at 9:20 in the video)

He further congratulated the YouTuber for “always pushing” to create unique and entertaining content for his fans such as his incredibly successful all-star Mogul Money Live event.

His viewers were quick to point out the work of his friend Valkyrae who has been streaming exclusively for YouTube since 2020. However, he explained that she “grew up” on YouTube and so already had a strong following as she exclusively signed with the platform.

Sykkuno refused to “spill” any further information as to who could also soon be making the move. However, he added we can expect to see “more” YouTube announcement videos soon.