Sykkuno is moving back to Las Vegas, claims LA move was “long business trip”

Sykkuno-move-back-las-vegasTwitch: Sykkuno

After spending a couple of months in Los Angeles, Sykkuno revealed he’s moving back to Las Vegas, claiming the move was “just a long business trip” rather than anything permanent.

In January, Valkyrae revealed Sykkuno was moving in with her and her roommates in their Los Angeles home. However, she made it clear that it was only a temporary thing and confirmed the news a month later.

At the time, most fans assumed she meant him staying at their house was temporary rather than the whole move itself. Turns out, though, the latter was true — Sykkuno’s time in LA is up, and he’s heading back home.

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sykkuno merch photoTwitter: Sykkuno
Sykkuno is moving back to Las Vegas after a temporary stay in LA.

“I’m actually going to probably be returning to Las Vegas soon,” he said during a recent stream.

“I’m sure you guys have noticed, but I’m just here on vacation.” That’s the reason why he’s been wearing the same four hoodies most of the time, he joked.

“Maybe we’re turning back. What’s wrong with that, guys? Listen. I know people meme about it, but I am just on vacation. It’s not some move. It was more of like a trip, mostly because I did have a lot of things I had to go for.”

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For example, he explained the merch shoot was a big reason behind the trip. “A lot of merch stuff, we had to handle in LA. It really was more of just like a long business trip. It wasn’t a move as much as people want to say that.”

It doesn’t mean he’ll never be back, though. In fact, Sykkuno insisted he’ll be back often. “I’m obviously here a lot,” he said. Plus, if he picks up any additional voice acting roles, that’ll be another incentive to head over.

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He also urged fans to stop making a big deal about it. “It was amazing while it lasted. It’s not like some big thing is over or something. I feel like people are a lot more dramatic about it. It’s really not a big thing.”

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