Valkyrae tells “cowardly and demanding” GTA RP viewers to watch someone else

Josh Taylor
Valkyrae during her YouTube stream

Valkyrae has called out certain viewers who aren’t happy with her character leaking information to other players in the legendary GTA RP server NoPixel.

After watching the YouTuber’s role-playing character Ray Mond develop over countless streams, her fans have became heavily invested. However, some viewers have became increasingly frustrated with her in-game choices as she has tried to switch up the gameplay to keep it interesting.

During Valkyrae’s stream on May 9, she adressed her fans over the situation: “Some people in the chat were worried about me having Ray Mond leak some stuff. I like the spice. I feel like, at this point, if you can’t handle it, then just watch someone else.”

“I just don’t understand why GTA viewers are so cowardly and so demanding of a character’s perfection. It would be so boring to watch someone just literally do nothing, but be perfect and grind Grime all day (her in-game delivery job). Like, I don’t get it. I don’t understand that,” she added.

Valkyrae has interacted with various players and popular streamers on the NoPixel server while playing as Ray Mond. But, after years of playing, she admitted that she is trying new things to keep GTA RP fresh for everyone involved.

In particular, with close friend and fellow streamer Sykunno: “I am excited that Yuno (Sykkuno’s character) wants to move in because I do… I feel like he’s getting a little burnt out on GTA. So, I feel like this will be a good way to keep things spicy for Sykkuno.”

Sykunno talks on his Twitch stream.
Sykkuno plays the character Yuno Sykk in the GTA 5 RP server NoPixel.

She added: “I was watching his stream earlier and he was, like, reminiscing on older times. Like, how thrilling it was before.”

Despite Valkyrae having taken several breaks over the years from playing GTA RP, she finally returned from her hiatus and has been reguarly streaming as Ray Mond since December 12, 2023. This has been no different following the comments, as she has continued to shake up her character in her own way.