What happened to David Dobrik? YouTuber vanishes from platform after major comeback

david dobrikDavid Dobrik

David Dobrik made a huge comeback to YouTube in 2021, but despite that, hasn’t posted on the video platform in nearly five months leaving fans wondering what happened to him.

David Dobrik is one of the biggest YouTubers of all time, with a whopping 18.2 million subscribers on the video-sharing site.

Although he still has a massive fanbase on YouTube, the Slovak-born internet star hasn’t posted since February, and subscribers are curious why his channel has been dormant for so long.

David Dobrik teases release date for pizzeria doughbriksYouTube: David Dobrik
David Dobrik hasn’t posted to YouTube in almost five months.

What happened to David Dobrik?

It seems like the 25-year-old may have shifted focus from posting to his YouTube channel to completely other endeavors.

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Dobrik has been gearing up for the launch of his pizza business ‘Doughbrik’s‘ which he has said will launch this summer, sometime in the August-September range.

He also claimed he had been taste-testing pizza for “months” and this could be one of the main reasons he stepped back from making videos.

The YouTuber has also continued to face the fallout of injuring friend and former Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek in a 2020 incident where the 32-year-old was injured in a crane Dobrik was piloting, as well as

Wittek sustained severe injuries and has had several surgeries to try and save the vision in his eye. On June 22, Wittek filed a lawsuit against The Vlog Squad leader alleging $10 million in damages, as well as publicly denouncing their friendship and labeling him a “scumbag.”

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Jeff Wittek next to David DobrikInstagram: jeff / YouTube: VIEWS
Jeff Wittek claimed he and David Dobrik are no longer friends.

The ‘Doughbrik’s’ owner has also had to handle the public sexual assault allegations against former Vlog Squad member Dominykas ‘Durte Dom’ Zeglaitis.

After the allegations surfaced, all of Dobrik’s YouTube channels were demonetized by the platform, and he lost multiple sponsorships. Although, after stepping back from the platform, he made a successful return in mid-2021 that saw him launch back into the spotlight.

Although his channel is still massively popular, David hasn’t posted in quite some time, and fans are wondering when he’ll finally make a big comeback.