Jeff Wittek promises to re-cut David Dobrik documentary as feud reignites

Virginia Glaze

YouTuber and podcast host Jeff Wittek has removed his award-winning documentary about an injury he sustained while filming a video with David Dorbik, promising to re-cut the series to “tell the truth.”

Jeff Wittek is calling out David Dobrik once again in a series of heated tweets on X, mere days after slamming SnapChat for signing a deal with the YouTube star.

In his posts, Wittek revealed that he’s removed his documentary series about his eye injury from YouTube, claiming it was initially created to “protect” Dobrik.

“I deleted the documentary off YouTube,” Wittek wrote. “That sh*t was made to protect David when I was still blind to who he really was (no pun intended). I’m recutting it and telling the truth this time. I don’t care about money. This kid has plenty from Snapchat and keeps pushing back [the] trial.”

He went on to lash out at critics accusing him of ‘agreeing’ to do the stunt for ‘clout,’ saying that the “truth will come out soon.”

Wittek’s posts follow another fiery tirade he made against Snapchat, where he called out the social media platform for “paying a guy that smashed my skull in for a prank and left me with lifelong injuries.”

In 2021, Jeff Wittek suffered an eye injury while performing a stunt for one of YouTube star David Dobrik’s high-energy vlogs.

The stunt involved Wittek — among other members of the ‘Vlog Squad’ — dangling from an excavator while Dobrik, who was in the driver’s seat, spun the vehicle around. Wittek ended up smacking the side of the excavator, resulting in a nasty gash above his right eye.

Doctors claimed that, had the wound been a mere 3 millimeters higher, his eye would have been “cut in half.”

Since then, Wittek has undergone numerous surgeries to correct the issue and is even going under the surgeon’s knife once again years after the incident took place.

As a result of the ordeal, Wittek has levied legal action against his former friend, suing Dobrik for $10 million in damages due to lost wages and hospital bills.

However, as told by his latest statements on X, Wittek is claiming that Dobrik continues to push back their court date, so it’s unclear when these two will settle their ongoing dispute.

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