YouTube demonetizes all David Dobrik channels amid ongoing Vlog Squad controversy

Andrew Amos
David Dobrik modelling his merchandise

First, it was the sponsors. Now, it’s YouTube pulling the plug on David Dobrik, with the platform demonetizing all of his channels, including that which hosts his VIEWS podcast, amid ongoing controversies with the Vlog Squad.

YouTube has made its move against David Dobrik, the sensation under fire for a host of allegations of sexual assault, bullying, and harassment against him and his Vlog Squad.

While Dobrik has issued two apologies, brands like EA, DoorDash, and HBO Max have cut all ties with the once-YouTube sensation. Now the platform is distancing itself from Dobrik too.

David Dobrik releases second apology video.
David Dobrik’s YouTube channel has been demonetized, the platform has confirmed.

In a statement to Digital Insider, a YouTube spokesperson said the platform would be cutting ties with Dobrik and demonetizing his channels after he violated their Creator Responsibility policy.

“We have strict policies that prohibit sexual harassment on YouTube and take allegations of sexual assault very seriously,” they said.

David Dobrik’s personal channel, David Dobrik Too, the VIEWS video podcast channel, and Durte Dom’s personal channel have all been demonetized.

The YouTube channels have nearly 30 million subscribers combined as of the time of publishing.

YouTube demonetizing Dobrik’s channels means the content creator can no longer earn ad revenue on any of his videos. This was a major income stream for Dobrik, which raked in upwards of five figures on a daily basis during the height of his vlogging.

David Dobrik apology
David Dobrik issued a second apology after fans criticized his “cowardly” initial statement, uploaded on the Views channel.

Dobrik, the face of the Vlog Squad, was scrutinized over racist and homophobic remarks made in the early days of filming dating back to 2017. He was also accused of creating an atmosphere on set that made co-workers feel “worthless” and “traumatized.”

Vlog Squad member Dominykas Zeglaitis, better known as Durte Dom, has also been accused of sexually assaulting a woman during the filming of a vlog back in 2018.

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