Jeff Wittek slams “scumbag” David Dobrik and pulls set from Bryce Hall roast

Jeff Wittek next to David DobrikInstagram: jeff / daviddobrik

YouTuber Jeff Wittek has revealed he chose to have his set cut from the Bryce Hall roast due to “censorship” and David Dobrik’s involvement.

Backlash against the Vlog Squad’s David Dobrik erupted online in 2021, after Jeff Wittek revealed that he had been seriously injured in a stunt gone wrong, with Dobrik swinging people around from an excavator they put in a lake.

Although they appeared to be on relatively good terms initially, in a live stream in February 2022, Wittek revealed that Dobrik hadn’t messaged him to check in, saying: “Nope. Not a text or nothing. Not surprised, you know. It is what it is… I’m done being fake friends with that motherf**ker.”

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Then on February 23, Wittek announced that he chose to have his set cut from the roast for TikToker Bryce Hall due to “censorship” and Dobrik’s involvement.

“I’m no longer a part of the roast of Bryce Hall,” he wrote. “My entire set will be cut due to censorship, and David Dobrik being involved. I refuse to be a part of anything that scumbag is involved in from here on out.”

After Hall responded saying, “did I miss a chapter?” Wittek explained: “I chose to have my set cut. they tried to remove half my jokes. This was supposed to be a COMEDY show! I didn’t say anything I wouldn’t say in my own YouTube videos or podcasts. This is all because that coward was there and he can’t take jokes.”

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Wittek also divided fans with a joke about Dobrik’s “receding hairline,” with some slamming him for making fun of people’s physical appearances, and others saying that the jokes are fair given the circumstances.

Dobrik has yet to respond to Wittek’s comments, but the drama so far has fans divided.