Jeff Wittek calls out Snapchat for working with David Dobrik: “I don’t want blood money”

Dylan Horetski
jeff wittek david dobrik

YouTuber Jeff Wittek has called out Snapchat for working with David Dobrik, claiming he stopped posting on his own account because of it.

Back in 2021, Former Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek was filming a video with David Dobrik behind the wheel of an excavator when an accident happened that led to Wittek suffering from a major eye injury.

The two haven’t had a friendship since, with the former collaborators going back and forth over the years before Wittek filed a lawsuit against Dobrik in June 2022.

Neither Dobrik nor Wittek have spoken much about the situation since the lawsuit was filed, but on May 21, 2024, Jeff Wittek called out Snapchat for working with the popular YouTuber.

“Yooo Snapchat you’re paying a guy that smashed my skull in for a prank and left me with lifelong injuries,” Wittek said in a tweet. “He also filmed and organized multiple sexual assaults. That’s why I stopped posting. I don’t want blood money.”

The Snapchat Twitter/X account responded, prompting Jeff to make it clear that he was talking about Dobrik.

“His name is David Dobrik and he’s traveling the world partying on your dime. While I have another surgery next month.”

Dobrik has almost exclusively posted his content on Snapchat for fans to enjoy over the last few years, something that many influencers have taken to doing outside of their main platforms.

Outside of Snap, David occasionally posts videos of him exploring the world and doing giveaways to friends and family on Instagram and TikTok for his almost 40M followers to enjoy.

Wittek, on the other hand, still actively releases content on YouTube under his Jeff’s Barbershop channel and his podcast — Jeff FM. On top of that, Jeff’s Barbershop is the name of the influencer’s line of custom haircare products.

David Dobrik has yet to respond to Wittek’s comments on X, but we’ll be sure to update this article if he does.