Durte Dom reveals he hasn’t spoken to David Dobrik since sexual assault allegations

YouTube: Dominykas / YouTube: David Dobrik

Disgraced Vlog Squad member Dominykas ‘Durte Dom’ Zeglaitis revealed he has not spoken to David Dobrik in over two years as numerous people came forward with sexual assault allegations against him.

Durte Dom was one of the most recognizable influencers on David Dobrik’s early vlogs, with the two riffing off each other for years.

However, Dom has revealed he hasn’t spoken to Dobrik in over two years ⁠— since he moved out of David’s apartment ⁠— even as sexual assault allegations stacked up against the former Vlog Squad member.

“Last time I saw him was when we threw a party in January 2020,” Dom explained on TheSync Podcast.

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“It was this party at USC. As I moved out of the apartment, I think that was his kind of way of [going] ‘oh I don’t have to go have to see him anymore.’ That was the thing that was attaching him [to me].

“After that, I haven’t heard from him. Even when all those allegations and shit went down, not a peep from him. I think Jeff called me and he went ‘oh you’re a piece of sh*t’ ⁠— he was just trying to cover his ass too. Now Jeff doesn’t like David.”

Durte Dom David DobrikInstagram: Durte Dom
Durte Dom (right) appeared in a number of David Dobrik’s early vlogs.

It comes after numerous former Vlog Squad members, including the aforementioned Jeff Wittek, have spoken out about David Dobrik’s conduct at the peak of his career.

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Many accused Dobrik of pressuring talent to do dangerous things on camera as well as being complicit in the sexual assault allegations. Claims of racism and sexist were also leveled against the star, creating an on-set atmosphere making co-workers feel “worthless.”

His YouTube channels were demonetized, sponsors pulled out, but he managed to make a somewhat successful return to the limelight.

While Durte Dom had his name tarnished, he was still grateful for the opportunities Dobrik’s Vlog Squad offered him: “I’m blessed to have been in that position and to have been a part of something like this. Even David, I don’t hate the guy, I appreciate the opportunities that were given to me.”

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However, the nature of the Vlog Squad did lead to more content that pushed ⁠— and crossed ⁠— the boundaries of what was acceptable.

“People wanted to get more airtime because if they got more airtime they’d get more clout from it. Everyone understood that if I’m in front of David’s camera, I’m going to get more clout, brand deals, notoriety, whatever it is,” he explained.

“There was a constant competition for attention. My character on there, it was easy for me to do something and he’ll turn it into [a video]. I had good ideas for little viral shit, and that’s what he liked about me.

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“In the moment, I was like ‘yeah dude I can pay my rent, getting some chicks to like me.’ I was always pretty outgoing, the class clown. [I felt like] the popular kid, but I wasn’t thinking about anything.”

This sentiment also extended to the various women in the video who spoke out against Dom, Dobrik, and other members of the Vlog Squad.

“Being on the camera, you kind of choose this life. It comes with the territory. But for this college girl who’s getting harassed and bullied for a decision she made of like ‘oh I’m just going to be in this video’ ⁠— she wasn’t thinking about it like ‘people are going to look at me some type of way.’”

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“They’re probably [pressured]. It was the height of all the vlog shit. It’s everywhere, they’re getting their names tarnished, and they’re like ‘fuck man this is not good.’ In the spur of the moment, you’re thinking ‘hey this is just for fun’, but…”

Durte Dom accused of raping David Dobrik Vlog Squad extra.Instagram: Durte Dom
Durte Dom is still creating YouTube videos despite the allegations.

While Durte Dom is back on YouTube, creating content under his real name Dominykas, he won’t be surprised if more stars come forward with allegations against Dobrik as the star cuts former Vlog Squad members out of his life suddenly.

“If I’m ripping on Big Nick for being short and stupid, and then I just cut him out of my life, Big Nick is going to feel a certain type of way. He’s going to feel like ‘you just made me look like an idiot online and now you don’t even say hi to me?’

“I wouldn’t be surprised if someone like Jonah comes out soon.”