Jeff Wittek officially sues David Dobrik over crane incident injuries

jeff wittek david dobrikJeff Wittek/David Dobrik

YouTuber Jeff Wittek has officially filed his lawsuit against David Dobrik over the injuries he sustained during a stunt involving a crane – leaving Wittek with lifelong damage to his face.

Jeff Wittek is officially suing former collaborator David Dobrik over the injuries he sustained during a Summer 2020 incident, where Wittek was injured via a crane that Dobrik was operating.

Although Wittek initially claimed in 2021 that he wouldn’t sue David, he’s had a change of heart, leading to a lawsuit being filed against the head of the Vlog Squad.

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David Dobrik and Jeff Wittek smilingYouTube: David Dobrik/Jeff Wittek
Jeff Wittek is finally suing David Dobrik, two years after the incident occurred.

Jeff Wittek officially sues David Dobrik

The 32-year-old is suing Dobrik for $10 million in damages, alleging that, due to the injuries he’s suffered, he’s dealt with wage losses and has racked up massive hospital bills.

The plan that day was for various influencers to swing around the crane with a rope, planted in the Utah Lake, all for content for David’s big comeback to social media.

David initially wanted people to swing on the rope holding objects, like a wakeboard, but then encouraged Wittek to swing without anything to hold on to. With David operating the crane, Wittek noticed the crane spinning too quickly and he crashed into the side of the crane.

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Dobrik did not specifically outline all of the injuries from the incident, but has revealed that he “nearly died” and almost lost complete vision in his eye. On top of that, he broke his foot, hip, and shattered his skull.

Jeff Wittek has had multiple surgeries on his eye.

Wittek has documented his eye surgeries on his YouTube channel, and released a documentary about the incident titled ‘Don’t Try This At Home.’