David Dobrik says his ‘Doughbrik’s’ pizza restaurant will open this summer

Virginia Glaze
David Dobrik teases release date for pizzeria doughbriks

YouTube star David Dobrik has finally given fans a long-awaited update on his upcoming pizza biz, which he says is opening up very soon.

David Dobrik is one of YouTube’s biggest stars. Boasting over 18 million subscribers, the influencer is best known for the high-energy vlogs he creates alongside his friend group, ‘The Vlog Squad.’

However, he’s moving past his days as a full-time influencer; he’s got his very own traveling series on Discovery Plus, and has been working on opening up a pizza shop for the last year.

Back in July 2021, Dobrik officially announced his upcoming pie shop, humorously dubbed ‘Doughbrik’s.’ Fans had been anticipating the reveal since 2020 due to sudden trademark filings, but it took more time before the creator was comfortable officially sharing the news.

doughbriks instagram page
The official Doughbrik’s Instagram page teases an LA opening for the pizzeria “soon.”

According to the YouTuber, he and fellow influencer Iliya had been “taste-testing pizzas for months” — and, at the time, still had “months to go.”

It seems like his schedule is finally moving forward, though, as he recently teased a possible date for the shop’s opening.

David Dobrik posing outside California home by pool
David Dobrik is moving into the pizza business after teasing the ordeal nearly a year ago.

Paparazzi from the Hollywood Fix caught up with Dobrik during a night out with friends this June to ask him about the future of Douhgbrik’s pizza — which he says should open up sometime in either August or September of this year.

“August-September,” he said to the excited paps. “I’m not pushing it back, I swear to god. That’s what we originally planned.”

This comes as a welcome development for fans, although precious little else is known about the pizzeria at the time of writing.

Doughbrik’s won’t be the first restaurant opened among the Vlog Squad fam, either; fellow YouTuber Nick ‘Jonah’ Antonyan notably opened up his own kebab spot in Hollywood, as well, making David’s pizza biz the second restaurant in the fold.

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