Tyron Woodley reveals Jake Paul fight went ahead without drug testing for steroids

Brad Norton. Last updated: Aug 31, 2021
Tyron Woodley Jake Paul
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Hours after Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley fought to a split decision in their highly anticipated boxing match, the former UFC champion has revealed there was no testing for Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs).

After months of building to their PPV clash, Jake Paul was ultimately declared the winner via split decision over Tyron Woodley. While a rematch was immediately agreed upon in the ring, it remains unclear if a second bout will go ahead right away.

Despite it being a fairly close affair, Woodley was quick to reignite a contentious talking point once all was said and done. Were the two fighters tested for PEDs in the legally sanctioned bout? The pair went back and forth in light of heated allegations before the fight, but now, Woodley has revealed the truth.

It turns out, no, they weren’t. “No we didn’t f***ing get tested,” the decorated mixed martial artist told Ariel Helwani in an August 30 interview.

Employees of the local athletic commission supposedly “came in the dressing room” as both fighters were preparing for the main event. However, they were only there to take urine samples, according to Woodley.

They took said samples and Woodley explicitly asked “is this a drug test? The guy taking the samples said he didn’t know.”

Even if the urine sample was related to a drug test of sorts, and not just a regular health checkup to ensure they’re in fighting condition, Woodley questioned the timing of it. 

“Why the f*** would it matter if the results come back on Tuesday? We already fought on Sunday. If it said I wasn’t deemed fit to fight… I already fought.”


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Having been tested dozens of times as part of the UFC’s drug-testing program with the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), it’s fair to say Woodley knows the process as well as any fighter. 

So as his sample was collected for the Paul bout, he even called out the employees handling the process. “I said hold up, that isn’t even sealed correctly. It was real weird.”

If that wasn’t suspicious enough, another perspective was thrown into the mix shortly before the PPV event kicked off. “They only drug test for title fights,” Helwani was allegedly informed by the Ohio Athletic Commission.

Woodley’s comments on drug testing begin at the 20:15 

No blood tests were involved to check for illicit substances or irregular testosterone levels. Instead, a urine test was all that came into play, Woodley confirmed.

It’s worth noting that this was Woodley’s experience only. The former UFC champ admitted he had “no clue” if Paul’s testing experience was the same.

Not the first time a Paul brother has been accused of abusing PEDs, Logan also came under fire ahead of his scrap with Floyd Mayweather.