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Trainwrecks reveals why he’s thinking about ending his Twitch gambling streams

Published: 9/Aug/2021 8:44 Updated: 9/Aug/2021 8:14

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Despite being one of the most prominent gambling streamers on Twitch, Tyler ‘Trainwrecks’ Niknam revealed that he’s thinking about slowing down and maybe even stopping once and for all.

Even though he’s lost a significant amount of money and been subject to criticism from other content creators like Ethan Klein, Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker, Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys, Trainwrecks has been one of the biggest proponents of gambling streams on Twitch.

Although he urged people not to gamble, he asked them to watch him do it instead and has defended his gambling streams multiple times. He clapped back at those who criticized him numerous times and even claimed his gambling streams are the “most transparent” ones on the platform.


However, it seems like he’s softened his stance and is considering slowing down and maybe even quitting after realizing that gambling the amounts he does in front of others makes him feel “weird” and “uncomfortable.”

Trainwrecks Gambling Streams Twitch
Twitch: TrainwrecksTV / Wikimedia Commons
Trainwrecks is one of the most-watched streamers in the gambling category.

“I’m getting to a point where even though I do give away a lot of my money to charity and people, it’s still getting weird *publicly* gambling the amounts that I do,” he said. ” It feels uncomfortable low key, but hopefully, I get a big W today so I can slow the f**k down.”

In a separate message written a day earlier, Trainwrecks also claimed his luck has been “so f**king bad,” and he can’t tell if he’s “being a sore loser with conspiracy theories in his head” or “getting robbed by the providers.”


Twitter: Trainwrecks
Trainwrecks’ now-deleted August 8 tweet on Twitch gambling.

Either way, it seems like Trainwrecks is getting a bit burnt out from all the gambling streams. Maybe some of the criticism is getting to him, too.

Twitter: Trainwrecks
The Twitch star said he maybe be “getting robbed by providers.”

Considering he claimed his last stream would be the last one if he lost, and now he’s expressed a desire to slow down and potentially quit, perhaps he’s ready to move on once and for all.