Trainwrecks claims he lost over $2 million while gambling off-stream

Alex Tsiaoussidis
Trainwrecks $2 million gambling

Tyler ‘Trainwrecks’ Niknam claims he lost $2 million gambling off-stream and is “chasing losses” to try and make it back, explaining that he “needs to win” otherwise it’s “looking bad.”

Trainwrecks has been heavily involved in the Twitch gambling stream debate in recent weeks. First, he explained why people shouldn’t gamble, even though he was doing so while offering the advice.

Then, he slammed viewers who tried telling him to stop, and after claiming his own gambling streams were the “most authentic and transparent” ones on Twitch, took a final swipe at streamers who criticized him.

However, that doesn’t mean he’s unaware of the risk involved in gambling.

In April 2021, he revealed he was $100,000 down even after winning a $400,000 jackpot. And it seems like the ebbs and flows have gotten bigger since then.

Trainwrecks Gambling Streams Twitch
Trainwrecks is an avid gambler both on and off stream.

Trainwrecks revealed that he lost a whopping $2 million off-stream, and he’s been desperately trying to win it back.

“I lost like $2m off-stream, and I’ve been a cranky little b*tch,” he said. “I’m doing something none of you should ever do, but I’m chasing losses. I’ll be live in a bit, but I need to win, or it’s looking bad for the month.”

Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa, who has been involved in backlash and criticism for her own streams for different reasons, commented on his post with a shocked and sad emoji.

Trainwrecks responded by explaining that a lot of streamers would be “freaking out” over losing that amount, but implied that Amouranth would “understand” because she’s been “killing the game” for years.

Some fans begged him to stop gambling, believing he could lose a lot more if he doesn’t escape from its “shackles”.

Others were more encouraging but warned that it serves as a reminder about how dangerous gambling can be, especially when you’re trying to chase your losses.

If you or anyone you know is addicted to gambling and needs help, please contact your local gambling helpline at 1-800-522-4700 (US), 0808 8020 133 (UK), or 1800 858 858 (AUS).