Pokimane calls for Trainwrecks, xQc to stop promoting “sketchy” Twitch gambling sites

Pokimane Twitch Gambling StreamsWikimedia Commons / Twitch: Pokimane

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys wants streamers like xQc and Trainwrecks to stop promoting “sketchy” and “ethically ambiguous” gambling sites on Twitch because she believes it’s “negatively impactful.”

Twitch gambling streams have been subject to debate in recent weeks, with stream stars like Asmongold and MoistCr1TiKaL slamming them and others, like Ludwig Ahgren, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, and Tyler ‘Trainwrecks’ Niknan, defending them.

Pokimane also chimed in on the issue, although she didn’t call out gambling streams specifically. Instead, she turned her attention to the promotion of “sketchy” gambling sites on stream by the platform’s top stars.

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Trainwrecks Gambling Streams TwitchTwitch: TrainwrecksTV / Wikimedia Commons
Streamers like Trainwrecks sometimes gamble and promote gambling sites on Twitch.

Pokimane started the discussion by saying that streamers who get offers from casino sponsorships are “already multi-millionaires”; otherwise, they wouldn’t get them in the first place.

For that reason, she believes they have “so many other options available” for them to generate more income. 

“It would be a good idea for people to sit down at that point and [ask themselves] what is ethically or maybe morally just not worth it,” she said.

xQc wasn’t thrilled about her comments. However, she responded in a subsequent stream and clarified them further 

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“My point was that once you’re a multi-millionaire streamer, you have so many potential sources of income that you can opt to choose the ones that are less ethically ambiguous than promoting gambling sites,” she said.

For example, they could “promote a game” and make “decent money” without “hurting anybody” as opposed to gambling streams, which are “sketchier” and more “negatively impactful.”

Before moving on, she also mentioned that she felt like Trainwrecks, who has been criticized for his take on the issue, was playing the “villain” after becoming increasingly frustrated with the backlash.

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“Obviously, the comments [about him] are all assuming the absolute worst [and] creating the worst narrative,” she said. However, she thinks it’s gotten to him and motivated him to be the “villain.”

“I don’t even think people want to hate on him. I just think they want to hear him acknowledge the other side of the take,” she added.

“For example, if he just said, ‘I understand all the negatives of gambling, but I just decide that it’s worthwhile for me,’ I think people would respect that a lot more.”

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The consensus among fans in a Reddit thread was Pokimane’s take is “absolutely right” and they commended her for being “reasonable.” However, the discussion has been going on for months now, and it’s not likely to fade anytime soon.