Trainwrecks explains why people shouldn’t gamble while gambling on Twitch


With gambling streams growing in popularity on Twitch, well-known broadcaster Trainwrecks took a moment to explain to his viewers why they shouldn’t gamble… while he was in the middle of playing slots.

Gambling broadcasts have proven to be quite controversial in recent months, with big names such as Moistcr1tikal, Asmongold and Pokimane speaking out against them.

In the case of Pokimane specifically, the uber-popular female streamer revealed she would never gamble on Twitch despite getting some “big money” offers to do so.

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Meanwhile, Trainwrecks, a streamer who has spent big money on gambling streams, told his viewers why they, themselves shouldn’t gamble – despite the fact he was in the middle of doing just that.

Trainwrecks is one of the most popular Twitch streamers.

“You should not gamble,” the streamer told his fans straight up. “No cap, you should not gamble. Just watch me gamble, don’t gamble. This is very bad.”

According to Trainwrecks, those who gamble will just end up losing in the end, and he doesn’t want to see his viewers go through the pain of losing their money.

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“The same advice I give for this, I also give for Crypto investing. Whatever money you give into Crypto or gambling or whatever the hell, assume it’s already gone,” he suggested. “If you can play with it like it’s already gone, then hey, I’m not your mom and dad. But don’t put it in needing it!”

For those who need money, Trainwrecks strongly advised those individuals not to spend money gambling, because they’d just lose it and be upset.

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“I’ve been there. I’m still down myself. You understand?” he asked before addressing those in his chat who will gamble regardless of what he says and recommended they use his promo code.

That said, he still advised that his code was only for “degenerates” and that for everyone else, gambling will “ruin your f***ing life.”

Trainwrecks win Twitch slotsTwitch/trainwreckstv
Trainwrecks has had success gambling on Twitch.

“I have what you call streamer money,” he concluded. “Don’t do it unless you have 30,000 subs and you have a CashApp sponsoring the podcast. Don’t f***king do it. I’m telling you.”

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It’s definitely some very strong advice that anyone uncertain about gambling should consider before deciding they want to potentially blow a lot of their available funds.

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