Trainwrecks hits out at “jealous” & “ratty” streamers criticizing him for gambling

Twitch: Trainwrecks / Unsplash

Twitch entertainer Tyler ‘Trainwrecks’ Niknam has defended his gambling streams once again, hitting out at “jealous” streamers he believes are seeking to drag him down. 

It seems that the Twitch community is divided at the moment, with half focusing on suggestive and potentially inappropriate content, and the other half focusing on gambling and whether it’s morally right to promote to large audiences, particularly impressionable viewers.

The controversy over the latter has centered around streamers being sponsored by gambling companies and games. Of course, this offsets the risk of financial loss that most will experience from gambling.

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Opinion seems split on the matter. Asmongold has urged the platform to completely ban gambling streams while others, like Trainwrecks, have defended their streams and encouraged viewers to watch rather than participate.

Twitch streamer Trainwreckstv rants at gambling criticsTwitch: Trainwreckstv
Gambling streams have become huge on Twitch, especially as streamers get sponsored.

Speaking in a June 26 Twitch stream, Niknam again defended his streams, and suggested that those criticizing him are jealous and trying to drag him down.

“It’s the same goddamn sh*t every goddamn year,” he said. “It’s like these people wanna keep me in this category where everyone else is here [above] and I’m here [below] and everything’s cool and peaceful. But then as soon as sh*t flops we got people jumping ship Minecraft style. And outta nowhere, out of some insecurity and jealousy, dropping some bullsh*t and flippin sides. Weird, weird.”

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“Some of these people saying the things they’re saying,” he continued, “like streamers, with the information that’s out there I understand why they’re playing that narrative but with what I know of their deals and how they behave, I just know how f**king ratty they’re acting.”

Twitch does not generally comment on disputes until it has decided on a concrete course of action. Gambling is permitted on Twitch, although the platform’s terms of service do govern certain aspects of gambling content.

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The debate will rage on, but it’s clear that Trainwrecks believe some of the criticism is hypocritical and rooted in jealousy.

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