Amouranth laughs off Twitch haters trying to cancel her: “It’s futile”

Amouranth stands over her Twitch stream chat holding ASMR microphone cancelling haters.Twitch: Amouranth

Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has laughed off recent efforts from her Twitch haters to cancel her and her non-streaming business enterprises, claiming any attempts to put a dint in her streaming earnings would just be “futile.”

As one of Twitch’s biggest content creators, and certainly among the most followed, Amouranth is no stranger to haters trying to de-platform her.

The 27-year-old has found herself drawing an unusual amount of hate recently, however; she’s has been a leading figurehead in two controversial Twitch metas — hot tub streaming and ASMR broadcasts (the latter of which she was actually banned for) ⁠— and people apparently aren’t happy about it.

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While many have simply taken to spamming Twitch chat and replying to her on Twitter, others have taken “canceling” Amouranth to another level.

Twitch: Amouranth
Amouranth was one of the main streamers involved in the infamous Twitch hot tub meta.

The latest incident occurred on Siragusa’s party business. A suspected Twitch viewer, posting under the name “A.B,” attempted to out Amouranth for selling nudes, and tried to warn customers off using the service.

Amouranth laughed at their efforts.

“These haters are playing a zero-sum game,” she wrote on Twitter.

“I live rent-free in their heads. They could be creating value and bettering their lives emotionally, financially, etc, but instead, their hatefully [sic] thoughts are literally cucking their best and most productive ideas… I own you.

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“F**king morons. These haters literally pour their energy and soul [into this], working even harder than my actual employees (and for free) in the earned media [exposure] department of Amouranth Global. Their entire compensation would be if I sent them a lousy t-shirt that simply reads ‘Signal Boosts ‘R’ Us.’

“To my haters, sometimes I flirt with the idea of flashing my brokerage statement so you know just how futile your efforts to undermine me actually are.”

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There’s only one thing that worries Siragusa.

Right now her Twitch haters “fuel her,” but eventually she’ll move away from the ‘Amouranth’ streaming persona and into other ventures, including founding an animal rescue shelter in Texas.

The streamer admits she’s becoming increasingly worried some of her more obsessed haters won’t let her leave quietly. She may permanently log-off Twitch for the last time, but viewers could still “swat, or even harass” her.

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She explained, “Right now, it’s all-in egirl.”

“Sh*t like this does worry me. It makes me wonder how I will deal with it when I make my animal rescue organization. I just have to aim to be 100% self-sufficient. It’s why I have to maximize every opportunity today.

“When I’m ready, I’ll go all-in on the next phase of my life. No half measures, no rushing. Don’t expect the caterpillar to grow wings before metamorphosing.”

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Amouranth while liveTwitch: Amouranth
Amouranth has always talked about starting an animal rescue shelter after Twitch.

So for now at least, Amouranth is going nowhere.

The controversial Twitch star’s popularity only continues to grow as she finds herself in the eye of several storms too. She may have been suspended on June 18, but she returned to another follower explosion. Amouranth now streams to over 3.7m fans on Twitch, and boasts around 20k subscribers.

In Amouranth’s own words, “we all play the hand we’re dealt”. There can really be no denying Kaitlyn Siragusa is doing very, very well with her Twitch draw.

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