Trainwrecks criticizes Kick for not cracking down on viewbotted gambling streams

Twitch: TrainwrecksTV

Streamer Tyler ‘Trainwrecks’ Niknam has criticized the Kick platform for allowing streamers to inflate their views through bots, especially in regard to gambling streams.

The Twitch star turned endorser has had a long history with gambling streams, as one of its initial innovators. He was one of the first streamers on Twitch who gambled with thousands watching along live on stream thanks to his sponsorship with Stake.

But it was streamers like Trainwrekcs that led other big names on the platform to call for Twitch to take action and ban gambling streams, which they eventually did, to an extent. This caused him to announce a switch to Kick, a competitor to Twitch owned by Stake. 

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However, despite largely advocating for the platform, even helping devise new creator-friendly payment plans, not all is positive on the new site. Train himself has lashed out at recent gambling broadcasts on the platform, criticizing those who boost their views through botting services.

Trainwrecks has long considered himself as a “transparent” gambling streamer, always putting a sign at the top corner of his streams to not gamble. And part of that he claims is being honest with who is watching the streams. 

He says, in a now-deleted Twitch stream, he is trying to solve Kick’s ongoing problems with viewbotting despite getting “heat for even speaking about it.

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“Realistically, I’m going to keep it a buck. If this dude viewbotted 2-3 thousand viewers, I might just say “f*** it I don’t give a f***” he said, talking about a gambling stream on Kick he shared on stream. 

“But when you’re viewbotting 15-20 f***ing thousand viewers a day to push predatory gambling styles to the top, I don’t like that. So I’m going to actively push to find a fix for that as soon as possible.”

He says he is especially concerned since his name is largely attached to Kick as one of its largest endorsers. Exactly how the platform will look to crackdown and resolve the issue, however, remains unclear for now.

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