Trainwreck calls Ludwig, Pokimane, and Hasan hypocrites & times out their subs

Virginia Glaze

Popular Kick streamer Trainwreck lashed out at Pokimane, Hasan, Mizkif and Ludwig during a recent broadcast, calling them “hypocrites” after last year’s gambling drama.

In fall 2022, what can only be described as “dramageddon” took over Twitch and captivated audiences worldwide in a whirlwind of jaw-dropping events.

Amid serious allegations and claims of scamming came a major bombshell that incited both criticism and praise toward the platform as Twitch banned gambling.

However, Twitch’s gambling ban wasn’t absolutely thorough. Rather than a full-on ban, the company prohibited the broadcasting of gambling sites not licensed in the US or that failed to provide “sufficient consumer protection.”

Stake dot com was one such site, and a major source of Trainwreck’s content. He notably claimed that he would still gamble in spite of their ban, and called the platform “corrupt” for its decision to disallow gambling while still giving the green light to other sorts of controversial content.

What kicked off this gambling drama were accusations that streamer Sliker had allegedly scammed friends and fans out of $300,000 to fuel a gambling addiction. Several other broadcasters publicly decried his behavior, while others demanded that gambling be removed from Twitch due to its potentially harmful effects on viewers.

Of these, Ludwig, Hasan, Pokimane, and Mizkif were quite vocal about wanting Twitch to do away with gambling altogether. It seems that, months later, this issue has still come up for Trainwreck as he mentioned it during a broadcast on May 29, 2023.

Trainwreck hits out at Pokimane, Hasan, Ludwig & Mizkif over gambling drama

After being asked about his current gambling exploits, Trainwreck began a spiel about “all the bullshit still going on on Twitch.”

“I’m telling you, bro. All those streamers — all of them. Whether it’s Miz, Hasan, Ludwig, Poki, all hypocrites. All of them. That was never about anything. That was just about — it was petty bullshit about view count and money. That’s all it was.”

This conversation came up as another streamer in the call claimed to see a broadcaster streaming on Twitch while supposedly advertising a gambling website.

Trainwreck times out viewers subscribed to Pokimane, Hasan & Ludwig

That’s not all; Trainwreck also asked his chat to do “emote test” to see if any of them were subscribed to Miz, Poki, and Hasan.

“Based on that, I’m going to eliminate most of you,” he said, seemingly threatening to ban anyone who was subscribed to them. However, it turns out he just timed them out for a short while.

He also hit back at claims of letting these streamers live in his head “rent free” despite all the time that had passed since the gambling drama last year.

“It’s funny how you say rent free, p*ssyboy, I’m pretty sure I was rent free in their minds, that entire group, for two and a half years straight while I went live and didn’t say a f*cking word, you hypocritical little b*tch,” he shot back.

Train has since moved on to Kick, which has risen as a serious competitor to Twitch, boasting a 95/5 sub split with streamers and looser guidelines. Kick is currently going after big talent on other sites, as well, with the likes of Adin Ross joining earlier this year.

It’s clear that Train isn’t pleased with Twitch or its guidelines as the streaming wars continue on.

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