Hasan confronts Trainwreck over charity work and gambling in heated stream

Hasan trainwrecksTwitch: HasanAbi/Trainwrecks

Hasan and Trainwreck clashed in an intense livestream, after the gambling streamer criticized Hasan’s charity work and political stances.

The stream was moderated by xQc, who is a mutual friend of both Hasan and Trainwreck. xQc organized the debate to clear the room and “to get you guys stop subtweeting each other”, and said that he had spoken to both of them both on and off-stream about the conflict.

However, the mood immediately turned sour when Hasan brought up Trainwreck’s response to the charity fundraising that Hasan worked on.

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“What you’re doing right now is not genuine criticism. It’s just pocket-watching, and also undermining something that I did.

Train countered by saying: “The pocket-watching is justified based on what you preach”, referencing previous criticism Hasan received about making large purchases, such as a million-dollar property in California, despite identifying as a socialist.

Hasan responded by attacking Train’s content as “false hope”, because it revolves around gambling, and also addressed his move to the alternative streaming platform Kick.

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“You’re not selling false hope, because you said gambling is bad? Meanwhile, you sit there and generate almost hundreds of millions of dollars.”

“Ironically, you started off talking about how you hated how much hot tub streamers were awful, and now you’ve got porn on your platform. So maybe, you now recognize the importance of moderation, especially as it pertains to an overall platform.”

Train defended himself by saying that he makes money from the exclusivity of his content, and that he does not profit from other people losing while gambling.

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What did Trainwreck say about Hasan?

This is not the first time Hasan and Trainwreck have clashed. Earlier this month, Trainwrecks criticized Hasan’s charity work after the February earthquakes in Syria and Turkey.

In collaboration with IShowSpeed, Hasan raised over $1 million dollars in relief funds, 50,000 of which was matched by his personal donation. However, Trainwreck dismissed this as “a small percentage”.

In his reaction to the clip, Hasan brought up Train’s income from gambling streams, and suggested that dismissing his charity work could harm the people who need the donations.

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“Look at him undermining 50 grand. Like, I’m sorry I don’t have $700 million from crypto and gambling sponsorships. That’s crazy.”

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