Leaked xQc-Trainwrecks DMs reveal why he stopped Twitch gambling streams

Michael Gwilliam

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel leaked a series of Discord DMs between himself and fellow streamer Trainwrecks revealing why he stopped gambling broadcasts.

Gambling streamers have been quite problematic on Twitch in recent months. While the controversial hot tub and ASMR metas have garnered a plethora of headlines, casino broadcasts have been widely criticized as well.

While xQc had been one of the big streamers partaking in the gambling craze, he stopped early in June, claiming that he gets addicted to things too easily and that he “had to stop,” it seems that may not entirely be the case.

On June 24, the French Canadian streamer was playing some GTA RP when suddenly he tabbed out and accidentally showed some DMs for a split moment on his screen.

Viewers were quick to notice and clipped the incident that showed messages between Trainwrecks and Lengyel, which were sent prior to the other streamer making his move from Texas to Canada.

Basically, the DMs show Trainwrecks giving xQc advice on potentially working with another gambling site and doing his research before agreeing. Trainwrecks also told xQc to message a gambling site owner and if he agrees, he would need to ban his old account.

Additionally, Trainwrecks added that he would need to play on full screen and can’t show that he’s on Stake in any capacity.

xQc leaked discord DMs
xQc leaked DMs from Trainwrecks.

“That’s why Canada needs to happen asap,” Train added, saying he was leaving for Vancouver on Friday.

Canada does have less strict gambling laws than the United States so there is definitely some incentive to move there from a legal standpoint. As for what xQc decides to do for gambling streams, the future is uncertain.

With so much controversy on Twitch pertaining to different metas and what some viewers believe to be inappropriate content, it will be interesting to see how and if the Amazon-owned platform ever decides to take action.