Trainwreck calls out Stake for “scam” gambling losses

Josh Taylor
TrainwrecksTV during a Kick stream.

Kick streamer Tyler ‘Trainwreck’ Niknam has hit out at gambling platform Stake, claiming its a “scam” and that he often fights with co-founder Eddie Craven over it.

Trainwreck has became widely known for gambling millions of dollars in his streams on Kick.

The streamer originally surged to popularity on rival streaming platform Twitch. But, after they changed their policy to prohibit gambling in 2022, Niknam called it “corrupt” and made the switch.

Ever since, Trainwreck has been regularly broadcasting his gambling live on Kick. His streams typically consist of him betting large amounts of money using the platform Stake, whose founders started Kick.

However, Trainwreck has now called Stake a “scam,” and has even said that him and co-founder Eddie Craven often argue over his issues with it.

Trainwreck slams Stake over “fraud” gambling losses

During xQc’s Kick stream on March 2, he asked the gambling streamer: “Dude, I get unreasonably upset about my losses with gambling sometimes, I’ll be honest with you. Did you used to get that?”

Trainwreck answered: “Of course brother, I have one of the worst RTPs in the entire industry. Of course, I have gone on rants that are terrible against Stake and Eddie has been very pissed, me and Eddie have gotten into many arguments.

“It’s just a f**king scam bro, like, like do you know how annoying it is, sitting there spinning all day? Right, being the reason they are where they are and then watching the absolute fraud motherf**kers sitting there max winning every day, pretending it’s all real.”

Trainwreck ended by stating: “Of course I get f**king angry, of course I get angry. Any industry where the frauds get to appear or look like they’re winning is f**king disgusting to me. So of course I get angry and the fact Stake is complacent in that makes me even angrier.”

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