Trainwrecks hits out at “unsuccessful” Twitch viewers telling him to stop gambling

Brent Koepp
Twitch streamer Trainwreckstv responds to viewers

Popular Twitch streamer Trainwreckstv got heated during his May 19 broadcast when viewers told him to stop gambling. The 30-year-old explosively hit back and argued that those “not financially secure” shouldn’t be telling him how to spend his money.

Streaming for over half a decade now, Trainwreckstv is one of the original faces of Twitch. From hosting the Scuffed Podcast to his variety broadcasts, he pulls in viewers with his explosive takes on the industry.

The popular entertainer had choice words for viewers during his May 19 stream when certain members of his chat continuously criticized him for gambling. The online personality slammed them for telling him what to do.

Twitch streamer Trainwreckstv rants at gambling critics
The popular Twitch star went off on a viewer being critical of how he spends money.

Trainwrecks explodes on Twitch chat for worrying about his money

During his stream, Train had been playing slot machines to unwind when one viewer told him to stop gambling. “Stop, why!? Huh? Can I be honest with you, d**khead? ” he quickly responded to the critical audience member.  He then went off on an explosive rant about why they shouldn’t worry about how he spends his money.

“Before the drop happened I had $15 million in crypto. With the drop? I still have a cool $6 or 7 million. Suck my f**king c**k. Holy s**t. I have more in crypto than your entire f**king family tree combined. Suck my c**k! Let me gamble in peace!” he exclaimed, roasting the viewer.

The 30-year-old didn’t stop there and continued to unleash fury on his critic. “Holy s**t, man, what’s your deal!? I’m confused. I’m genuinely confused. What do you want from me? Do I have to have $100 million to get your f**king permission? I have more in my f**king college accounts from six years ago than you do in your entire family tree’s f**king bank account. Why the f**k are you telling me to stop!? Holy s**t, man. YOU STOP!”

The Twitch star then explained why he thought certain viewers were out of line. “Do I need to pull out my bank account to show you guys that I am financially set? Oh my god. Shameless. Why the f**k are people that are not successful or who not financially secure telling me what the f**k I should do? I am so confused. My God, it is so shameless.”
Trainwrecks later went on to apologize to his streaming partners and stated that he found it so annoying that viewers were nitpicking his financials. The content creator also said that the few viewers being critical were “ruining the entire fun” of the stream. In all fairness, the streamer explained in May that most should not gamble unless they have the insane money to do so – which he certainly has.
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