Trainwreck reveals staggering amount of money he’s given away to Twitch fans

Alex Tsiaoussidis
Trainwreck Scuffed podcast

Tyler ‘Trainwreck’ Niknam has been very generous with Twitch giveaways throughout the years. He revealed the staggering amount of money he’s given away and the reason why he does it.

Trainwreck is a streamer whose name is synonymous with gambling streams on Twitch, especially after it became meta for a while on the platform. He’s been labeled everything from a “degenerate” to a bad influence.

However, he’s always prided himself on being candid and honest about his gambling addiction. Not only does he urge people not to gamble on a regular basis, but he’s also revealed the insane amount of money he’s lost.

There’s also another side of him that gets less attention in the public eye — the fact he gives away copious amounts of money to fans and small streamers and has even donated hundreds of thousands to mental health funds.

Trainwrecks looking surprised
Train has become a beacon of generosity on Twitch.

On May 21, Train explained the motivation behind his efforts.

“Growing up, I loved the feeling of giving away the little I had and making people believe, for a moment, that there was magic in this world,” he said.

Then, he revealed the staggering amount he’s given away since starting his career in 2005. “Today, not including what I do in private, I’ve officially hit $10 million of my personal money given away to people’s personal accounts.”

Train’s followers and friends lauded him for his generosity. More than 25,000 people liked the tweet, while over a thousand left comments, including fellow streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff, who said he was “proud” of his friend.

There’s still a lot of division over his sponsored gambling streams. After all, it’s an important issue and one of two constants in his streams. However, the other is his philanthropy, which more people are starting to acknowledge.