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Trainwreck announces $250k mental health fund for Twitch community

Published: 21/Apr/2022 16:43 Updated: 21/Apr/2022 16:50

by Dylan Horetski


Popular Twitch streamer Trainwreck has announced his plans to invest $250k into a mental healthcare fund with a focus on the Twitch community and is calling on other large creators to do the same. 

Since he began streaming in 2014, TrainwrecksTV has amassed over 1.8 million followers on Twitch. As he has grown in popularity, he’s also grown a name for himself as a philanthropist.

Train has paid for others’ hospital bills and surprised an 80-year-old streamer with over $10,000, all thanks to his popularity and insane winnings from gambling streams.

Now, the Twitch streamer has announced his plans to invest $250k into a mental healthcare fund, calling for other creators to join him in this “movement.”


Trainwreck announces $250k mental healthcare investment

On April 20, Trainwreck posted the first of three twit longer posts on his profile. His message starts by mentioning that he’s privately taken care of his community’s mental healthcare since 2016, but now that he has bigger tools and assets available, he wants to help more.

“I have pitched an idea and a vision to an organization that has worked with the United Nations on two separate occasions and, in my opinion, is well equipped for my exact vision across Twitch, they loved it and are on board,” Trainwreck explained.

“I will be funding & providing access to 250,000 US dollars of mental healthcare to my community upon launch and have created an interface within a very credible organization for my fellow creators to do the same for their communities.”



Fans react to Trainwreck’s announcement

In the hours after Train’s announcement, hundreds of members of the community took to his replies to show their appreciation for his investment.

Tarkov focused streamer and YouTuber Onepeg said: “Yo train this is a huge dude. As someone who has been incredibly open about the taboos associated with mental health and sharing it/trying to help others, this is amazing.

“Fantastic effort. If I can help in any way, hit me up.”

While FaZe Kalei and Twitch streamer Froste echoed Onepegs thoughts with similar comments.

Since Train mentioned this first post is just a general announcement, it’s safe to expect more updates closer to the launch of his new project.


We’ll be sure to update our readers as more information is made available. In the meantime, check out our entertainment news hub.