Trainwrecks blasts Discord as users imitate him on the platform

Trainwrecks freaks out after stream sniping "weirdos" fire lasers at houseTwitch: Trainwrecks

Former Twitch streamer Trainwrecks has put Discord on blast as users impersonate him on the platform attempting to scam fans.

Widely known for his controversial gambling streams, Trainwrecks was once one of the biggest streamers on Twitch. Despite going live just a handful of times in the last three months of the year, the 32-year-old was still among the most-watched creators on Twitch in 2022.

Train has been extremely generous to his fans, and fellow streamers over the years too — with him claiming he’s given away over $70 million to date. Furthermore, he’s even set up therapy and support services for his community.

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Taking advantage of his generosity, users are now imitating the streamer on Discord, leading Trainwrecks to put the platform on blast for allowing it to happen.

Trainwrecks slams Discord as users imitate him

Using Discord’s premium subscription Nitro, where users are given the ability to set a custom tag, scammers have begun impersonating the popular streamer.

In a February 5 tweet, Trainwrecks revealed that a user with the same name and tag has been asking his viewers for money. Hitting out at Discord, the streamer questioned why the platform would allow this to happen.

“@discord your nitro subscription is allowing somebody to have the same # number as me while being named the same, they are adding everyone & asking for money,” he wrote. “what the f**k were you thinking @discord?”

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The streamer then urged fans to be cautious and ignore messages from potential impersonators. “TO EVERYONE PLEASE IGNORE ANY DISCORD MESSAGES FROM ME UNLESS YOU HEAR MY VOICE.”

“bro, how the f**k would they allow a nitro subscription to do that, that’s f**king terrible,” he added in a reply.

While Discord is still yet to respond to the situation, it’s fair to say Train is furious with the platform.