Trainwreck finally reveals how much he’s lost gambling on Twitch and it’s mindblowing

Alex Tsiaoussidis

Tyler ‘Trainwreck’ Niknam has finally revealed the staggering amount of money he’s lost gambling on Twitch, and he explained that it should show fans the underlying “reality” of gambling.

Train has always been open about his gambling antics. In July 2021, he told fans that he had lost more than $2 million gambling off stream. He also admitted that he was considering ending his Twitch gambling streams.

That didn’t end up happening. However, on January 1, Train finally revealed the absurd amount of money he’s lost throughout all of his gambling streams – and it’s a lot more than the $2 million he lost off-stream.

breaking-down-trainwrecks-rant-on-gambling-legalityTrain revealed the staggering amount of money he’s lost gambling on Twitch.

“Close to even? I’m still down 12.9 million dollars,” said Train. “That’s not close to even. That’s not even in the neighborhood of even.” However, that’s only after he managed to bring it down from a higher number.

“In nine months, I’ve lost $22.9 million. It was really f**king disgusting and bad. You don’t even understand. Like, all my friends knew, but I didn’t feel comfortable saying anything because those numbers are unfathomable.”

Train admitted that he feels more comfortable talking about it now because he’s managed to almost halve it, which “isn’t bad” considering his bet size. But he does think it shows the true “reality” of gambling.

“With how much I have wagered, I’m expected to be down $12 million. That should show you the reality of gambling, right? If, with my wagered, the expected down is $12 million, that should show you. Like, that’s the statistics of it.”

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Train is still down a lot of money. However, it hasn’t stopped him from giving back to his fans. On January 1, he did a massive $1 million giveaway that effectively broke Twitch after more than 27,000 fans tried to enter.

He’s been criticized for his gambling streams in the past. Twitch stars like Pokimane and Hasan claimed he was “addicted.” However, he hasn’t shied away from being open about his losses.

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