Trainwreck’s $1 million Twitch giveaway after gambling jackpot breaks the site

Trainwreck gesturing at slots machine on TwitchTwitch: TrainwrecksTV / Unsplash: Erik Mclean

Tyler ‘Trainwreck’ Niknam’s gambling streams have led to big losses for the Twitch star, but after a huge jackpot win on stream, he decided to give away $1 million to his viewers. However, he broke Twitch as well as the giveaway site in doing so.

Trainwreck’s gambling streams have given him fame and notoriety in equal amounts on Twitch. While he’s not had much luck with the broadcasts, he finally hit big on his January 1 stream.

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Train cashed out multiple jackpots ⁠— including a $5.7 million prize ⁠— while gambling to bring in the new year. It brought his total winnings on the stream upwards of $10 million, and he wanted to give back to his community as a result.

“9 months of pure sh*t, I’m still down horrendous but as a joke at the beginning of stream I said I’d give 1 million away if somehow I hit 10 million,” he explained on Twitter. “It actually happened for the first time in 9 months so f**k it, it’s locked in.”

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The star claimed it was a “fresh start” for him. While he can’t get back the millions he lost, he’s treating the $10 million winnings as a fresh start ⁠— and the least he can do is give some of it to viewers.

However, the giveaway didn’t go to plan. With over 27,000 people trying to enter, Train broke the Nightbot giveaway site he was using, forcing him to move to another website. Tens of thousands flooded the stream with a chance to get their hands on the money, and Twitch couldn’t even keep track of the chat logs for entry.

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He ended up splitting the winnings across multiple viewers, whenever the site would allow him to draw winners. Some winners were long-time viewers, while others were “hate watchers” in Train’s eyes looking to farm karma on Reddit.

Nevertheless, he was giving out thousands to everyone who got their name drawn.

Trainwreck has come under fire for his gambling streams in the past. While he has conceded making big losses ⁠— and even vowed to potentially quit once upon a time ⁠— he has continued to play slots on stream in front of thousands.

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Twitch stars like Pokimane and Hasan also called out Train for being “addicted” to gambling. Whether Train gives up gambling with his fresh start remains to be seen, but he has given some fans a great start to their 2022 with this giveaway.

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