Mizkif calls out Trainwreck for “high school bulls**t” Twitter behavior

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Mizkif called out Trainwreck for “high school bulls**t” after reading one of his Twitter rants and realizing that Train unfollowed him. 

While Mizkif was reacting to Reddit posts during his recent Twitch stream, he stumbled upon a now-deleted tweet from Trainwreck in which he called his friends “rats.”

The tweet referenced the current Twitch meta of streamers watching the TV show Masterchef, a show that brought the creator a lot of hate when he watched it in the past.

While reading Train’s tweet, Mizkif realized Train unfollowed him on Twitter — and called him out for it.

Mizkif calls out Trainwreck

While explaining why he believes Trainwreck gets so much hate, a viewer asked Mizkif if he’ll ever talk to Trainwreck again. He replied: “Let’s be real, Train’s probably never going to talk to me again.”

The streamer went on to explain the big thing he doesn’t like about Train: “I’m not a fan of people that unfollow and refollow. Like train calls out people for high school bullshit, and that’s the most high-school bullshit thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Just @ the person and call them a dick.”

(Starts at 4:10 in the video)

Mizkif made it clear he doesn’t entirely dislike Train though, as he stated that he agrees with his tweet and that people just find reasons to hate him when he does something.

This isn’t the first time Train has been involved in drama with other streamers. In June 2021, the creator called out “jealous” and “ratty” streamers who were criticizing him for gambling on stream, and in November he did the same towards people calling him out for buying an NFT.

At the time of writing, Trainwreck has yet to comment on Mizkif’s thoughts. We’ll have to keep an eye on his social media to see if he does.

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