TikTokers leave Not a Content House after accusing management of misconduct: A timeline

Georgina Smith
Not a Content House members speaking on their YouTube channel

In a period of just a few days, several members have left TikTok collective Not a Content House, citing misconduct from management. This has prompted former members as well as other TikTokers like Thomas Petrou to speak out on their experience with NACH, along with Clubhouse — houses that are linked.

While the Not a Content House was only launched in August of 2020, it didn’t take long before members started to leave the collective, with the lineup undergoing a big change after its merge with the now-disbanded Top Talent House.

Now, following Cynthia Parker’s decision to leave the house, others have followed her, and with their departure have emerged several allegations of misconduct directed at management, coming not only from former members, but other TikTok stars who claim they have been embroiled with the drama behind the scenes.

Here’s everything that’s happened so far.

The Not a Content House pose together
Not a Content House was formed in August 2020.

January 11 – Lauren Kettering and Madi Monroe leave NACH

Following Katie Pego’s departure from the group a few months prior in November, stars Lauren Kettering and Madi Monroe were also rumored to have left after the Not A Content House account unfollowed them on Instagram.

Lauren explained she was “just gonna do my own thing right now, and working on a lot more projects,” but Madi revealed that she was leaving because of issues with management, saying, “no hard feelings, I left ‘cause management was weird. Lol still best friends with all the girls.”

February 8 – Cynthia Parker, Sabrina Quesada, and DevsVlogs leave NACH

Just under a month after Lauren and Madi left, fans noticed that Cynthia had also likely done the same, after she and the Not A Content Instagram account unfollowed each other.

When fans asked fellow member Devyn Winkler a.k.a DevsVlogs what happened with Cynthia, she simply said that it “wasn’t the girls, it was management.”

DevsVlogs comments on TikTok about Cynthia Parker situation

Cynthia herself said she wasn’t kicked out, and that she “just decided to put myself and my mental health first,” adding that she’s “onto bigger and better projects.”

After Sabrina was also unfollowed, she clarified that, “none of us were kicked out, we all chose to leave.” Devyn was also unfollowed by the house Instagram account, putting her in a similar position to the previous members.

February 9 – Cooper Noriega calls out NACH management

In a now-deleted post, TikTok star Cooper Noriega shared his thoughts on the Not A Content House management. “Not a Content House managers/management is literally sh*t. Most manipulative people and weirdly sexual to the girls.”

February 9 – Rachel Brockman responds

TikTok star Rachel Brockman left the Top Talent House in October of 2020 after she accused 21-year-old manager Nour Khodr of inappropriate behavior and exploiting minors.

These claims were countered by other members of the Top Talent House, who explained, “Rachel said that she did not want to go home and that she actually wanted to be emancipated.” They also said that they felt “super safe and happy” living there.

The allegations led to Top Talent House being merged with Not a Content House.

In response to Cooper Noriega’s comments about NACH management, Rachel replied “YUP.” When member Anna Schumate commented, “she wasn’t in NACH,” Rachel wrote, “bye — you know your manager’s a weirdo.”

Sabrina Quesada comments on Not a Content House drama

This led to several people involved in the incident clarifying which managers they were specifically talking about. Cooper said, “yeah, ain’t talking about Nour, talking about Clubhouse managers a.k.a. Chase and Amir. If I spoke out Amir (not Nour) would have kicked out Sab…”

Not a Content House and Clubhouse BH are linked, but how exactly they overlap in terms of management is unclear. Many influencers speaking out on the situation have not disclosed names, but the two situations certainly seem to be related.

Eva Cudmore clarified that the girls each have their own individual manager, but they are all managed by the same house manager.

Eva Cudmore comments on the Not A Content House drama

On Rachel, Sabrina also said, “she literally doesn’t even know the half of it, she was never in NACH. Nour treated us very well and has a good heart. He was in no way involved in our mental health deteriorating while we were there.”

February 10 – Former NACH members release explanation video

Four girls who had left the house released a YouTube video on the official NACH YouTube channel in which they explained their reasons for leaving.

Cynthia claimed she didn’t get to see her family for birthdays and holidays because she was told “it’s not the best idea for you to leave.” She also explained she got called “bipolar and mentally underdeveloped” by her manager. Sabrina claims she was also told to be “extra nice to this male producer and wanted to work with and persuade him to work with him.”

The girls explained that they were “forced” to do ‘house deliverables’ — promotional activities that the individual creators don’t get paid for, and instead go straight to the house for things like rent. They say  that, “if we didn’t do these house deliverables, our phones would be blown up, we would get things taken away, we would get threats, we’d get threatened to be kicked out.”

They also clarified that it was two managers in particular that were the problem. “The entire company has been very good, and it was two people who did all this to us, who had a lot of power over us.”

February 10 — Thomas Petrou and Alex Warren speak out about Clubhouse

The Hype House’s Thomas Petrou also had something to say about the management behind the scenes of the Clubhouse. “That house has been run by criminals the whole time. They actively tried to ruin my life for 6 months from people hacking my accounts, lawsuits, and plenty of physical threats because I refused to work with them from the start.”

He also expressed relief that so many creators were leaving the house, writing, “I’m glad all those kids got out of that terrible situation.”

Thomas Petrou comments on Not A Content House drama

TikTok star Alex Warren defended Thomas against those claiming he should have spoken out about this issue sooner. “For anyone saying ‘why didn’t they speak out earlier,’ etc. These dudes are backed by MILLIONS of dollars, threatening lawsuits and physical action,” he said.

Alex continued by explaining that he, “watched Thomas drain hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to fight these guys legally for stuff he didn’t even do when trying to talk about this sh*t. He wasn’t even involved with them business-wise so I don’t even wanna think about how bad these girls had it. I’m glad to see something is actually happening.”

Alex Warren comments on Not A Content House drama

February 11 — NACH deletes all content from TikTok

All content has been removed from the Not A Content House TikTok page, and they have unfollowed all accounts. The same goes for the Instagram page, apart from an IGTV video featuring the same content as their Youtube video explanation.

February 13 — NACH rebrands to Just a House

A couple of days after the drama was at its peak, four members of Not a Content house uploaded a YouTube video to the NACH YouTube channel, now named ‘Just a House.’

The girls told viewers that, “we’re all staying together, we’re like family.” Devyn reiterated that, “there’s nothing wrong with the whole company, it’s a ginormous company, it was just the people that were managing the content houses.”

The influencers reveal that the two people they had issues with, who they name as Amir and Chase, “don’t work for [them] anymore.”

It’s clear that the former members of NACH are ready to move on to better things, though with the Clubhouse still active, there may well be more impact on the TikTok community to come as more information emerges.

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