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Has TikToker Cynthia Parker left the Not A Content House?

Published: 8/Feb/2021 11:20

by Georgina Smith


Rumors that TikTok star Cynthia Parker has left the Not a Content began to circulate after fans noticed that she had been taken off the house’s Instagram page, with her referencing the rumors on social media.

Not a Content House is a relatively new house to the TikTok scene, formed in August of 2020. In the period of time that the group has been active, they’ve seen several different members come and go, and fans seem to catch on quickly to any changes in the ranks.

Katie Pego joined Not a Content House at the start of November after her original creator collective Top Talent House was shut down, but only a few weeks later rumors began circulating that she had left the house after they unfollowed her on Instagram.


The Not a Content House pose together
Instagram: Not a Content House
Not a Content House’s popularity is on the rise, with millions of followers each.

The influencer claimed the reason she left is that ‘her parents wanted her home,’ but fellow member Sabrina Quesada said Katie was “kicked out,” and that “she starts drama with a lot of the girls in the House.”

Now fans are speculating that Cynthia Parker has followed in Katie’s footsteps, as they’ve noticed some strange activity on the NACH Instagram page.

While each member usually has a highlight named after themselves, Cynthia’s one seems to have disappeared from the page.

The house page also no longer appears to be following her, with Cynthia unfollowing them back.

Cynthia even reposted someone’s story which contained TikTokRoom posts about the situation, including the original poster’s caption ‘Free Cynthia Parker.’


Cynthia Parker posts to her Instagram Story

Over on TikTok, someone asked fellow NACH member Devyn Winkler, “I don’t wanna be the person to ask but… what happened with y’all and Cynthia?” Devyn responded: “wasn’t the girls, it was management.”

DevsVlogs comments on TikTok about Cynthia Parker situation

While this seems to confirm that it wasn’t drama among the girls that prompted Cynthia to either leave of her own accord or be kicked out, there has yet to be any official announcement about her departure or any comment from Cynthia about what actually went down.

Just like many other TikTok content houses, the Not a Content House has been caught up in its fair share of drama, but the details of the truth behind this situation have yet to fully come to light.