Was TikToker Katie Pego kicked out of Not a Content House?

Charlotte Colombo
katie pego insta

It looks like TikToker Katie Pego’s time at Not a Content House has come to an end, just weeks after she and former Top Talent House roommates Eva Cudmore and Anna Schumate announced that they would be joining the content collective.

Risking TikTok star Katie Pego is 17 years old. She joined Not a Content House at the start of November following the shutdown of Top Talent House, of which she was a founding member. The house was shut down after its manager, 21-year-old Nour Khodr, was accused by several of his former clients of grooming them, manipulating them, and plying them with alcohol.

While Pego tried to move on with her career by joining Not a Content House, it seems that her time with them is already over. The House’s official TikTok account unfollowed her, while current members Sabrina Quesada, Eva Cudmore and Anna Schumate confirmed to reporters at The Hollywood Fix that Pego was out of the House.

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When the reporter asked Sabrina why Katie was “missing” from the group’s outing at Sunset Strip, she simply said, “Katie was actually just kicked out of the House”.

As the reporter pressed for a reason, she claimed it was because of “just drama, she starts drama with a lot of the girls in the House.”

However, when asked on her personal TikTok why she was no longer in Not a Content House, Pego gave a very different explanation, claiming that she left because her family wanted her home.

Pego’s answer led to another Not a Content House member, Ava Tortorici, weighing in on the drama, where in response to TikTok Room publishing Katie’s reason for leaving the account, she cryptically left a cap emoji to imply that Pego was ‘capping’ (lying).

While Pego is yet to publicly respond to claims that she has been “kicked out” of the House, it didn’t take long for Max Dressler, fellow TikToker and former friend of Pego, to make his feelings known: “This video goes out to what one girl who switched up on all of us and thought she was better than us because “we weren’t cool enough” for you. Well, let me tell you something. Karma’s a b*tch!”

Damn. It looks like this drama is far from over…