How does Logan Paul make money? The YouTuber turned boxer’s revenue streams

Logan Paul net worthYouTube: Logan Paul

From producing viral videos on Vine to facing off against legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather, nobody could quite have predicted the trajectory of Logan Paul. Along his rocky road to online stardom, he’s set himself up for life.

Nobody truly could have predicted how many entertainment giants Vine, a mobile app that allowed users to publish seven-second videos, would serve as a launchpad to. Logan Paul, his brother Jake Paul, Liza Koshy, singer Shawn Mendes, David Dobrik, and Lele Pons are just a handful of names who’ve moved on to big things following their time on the app.

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Many of whom transitioned to YouTube. This indeed includes Logan, whose time on the platform thus far has been interesting — to say the least. He’s had his fair share of controversies stemming from videos, but he’s also produced content that consistently entertains millions.

Despite teasing a departure from YouTube in the past, he’s still thriving on the site and it still plays a big part in his income to date. As we’ve done with other creators like MrBeast and David Dobrik, it’s time to look at Logan Paul’s net worth and the public revenue streams he has in place that allows him to continue with his costly stunts.

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What is Logan Paul’s net worth?

As we’ll get into below, Logan Paul has a few ways he generates a lot of his income. His net worth, however, is more invasive than exactly how he makes his money.

Estimations are the best you can get on this front and a variety of those who’ve done their best to tally it all up have all reached one figure: $19m.

How Logan Paul makes money


Logan Paul holding Pokemon cards and moneyLogan Paul
He spent $2m on Pokemon cards in a video published in February 2021.

As you’d expect from Logan Paul, he’s a content guy. Content is a great marketing strategy for other initiatives, especially when you’re racking up millions of views without any advertising spend. He has four channels, each housing different kinds of content.

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He has a vlog channel, which has mainly put out Pokemon videos as of late, a channel for skits and music videos, a channel for his Impaulsive podcast, and a clips channel for the podcast. In line with many large YouTubers, he makes a hefty sum from AdSense — especially when you total the four channels.

As well as advertising brand partners and sponsors through his videos, he is able to make sizeable sums on his podcast through advertisements. Companies like audio brand Raycon pay to get in front of his loyal viewers on a regular basis.

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While he hardly streams anymore, Logan has done so in the past. Twitch allows money to be earned through advertisement revenue, subscriptions, and donations. Exact figures of money made through his past broadcasts are unknown, and he’s leaving money on the table on this front.

Off the back of his content putting him in front of millions, he has worked with companies like Pinot, Pepsi, and Virgin Mobile on brand activations and advertisements.

Other ventures

Logan Paul Maverick ClothingMaverick
Maverick Clothing consists of a handful of apparel collections.

Another typical income stream for content creators is merchandise. Logan opted to launching his own brand of apparel instead of creating collections based on himself, effectively creating a new IP that could be purchased and remain popular without his involvement in the future. Maverick Clothing has multiple collections, accommodating both men and women with products.

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The Maverick Club is another initiative of Logan’s. It’s an exclusive membership club that his followers can pay to access, effectively monetizing his most avid fans. Those who become part of the ‘club’ receive access to weekly Zoom calls, monthly giveaways (including $10,000 cash), a 15% apparel discount, and exclusive content. This kind of program is becoming more prominent in the esports industry, where they’re looking to better monetize supporters.

Perhaps the most unorthodox revenue stream he has is boxing. Having started the YouTube-boxing trend by facing off against KSI in August 2018, Logan has managed to secure a match-up against boxer Floyd Mayweather — whose professional record ended at 50 wins and zero losses. Though the exhibition was recently postponed, it’s said that Logan will take home a guaranteed $200,000 as well as 5% of the pay-per-view sales.

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Logan Paul reveals why match with Floyd Mayweather was delayedYouTube: imPaulsive, ESPN
Logan Paul is set to box against Floyd Mayweather, who’s widely considered one of the greatest to ever compete in the sport.

Considering he’s a major figure in online entertainment, there’s little shock that Logan has been tapped to appear in television shows and movies. Actually, he’s even written and directed his own traditional media projects over the past five years.

Logan also makes money off of streams of his songs, though he’s firmly not a musician. He took part in a trend of YouTubers dissing each other through songs and music videos, taking aim at the likes of KSI. He has nine tracks on Spotify and other streaming platforms, all of which give a small cut to him each time they’re played.

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It’s clear to see that, much like his contemporaries, Logan Paul has diversified his business operations and benefits from having multiple streams of income. Should he quit uploading to YouTube on a whim, he still has avenues of income in place that can keep him afloat.

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