The internet reacts to Rebecca Black’s wild new ‘Friday’ remix with 3OH!3

Virginia Glaze
Rebecca Black releases new Friday remix
YouTube: rebecca

Ten years after its release, Rebecca Black has returned to the internet with an official remix of her viral ‘Friday’ song that sparked a cultural movement (and a ton of timeless memes).

Millennials and ‘Zillennials’ alike probably remember the tune; a bright, happy 13-year-old Rebecca Black sings about getting ready for school on a Friday, being picked up by her friends, and above all, wondering: “Which seat should I take?”

The song quickly went viral across the net, becoming an international meme that sparked a slew of hilarious parodies and dubs (most probably remember the famous Brock Baker dub, which now has over 46 million views).

Ten years later, Black is celebrating the anniversary of the start of her musical career in a huge way by releasing an official remix of the track produced by 100 Gecs’ Dylan Brady and featuring none other than 3OH!3 — another huge name during the time her song initially came out.

That’s not all; Black’s remix also includes artists Big Freedia and Dorian Electra, making for a truly wild hyperpop ride — quite literally, as much of the music video takes place in cars careening down a CGI freeway.

The video even features classic Rage Comics, and thus far, has been well-received by fans; but it’s safe to say that much of the internet is mostly enthusiastically confused by the song, although others are decidedly less positive.

“I wish everyone the confidence of Rebecca Black releasing the “Friday” remix on a Wednesday,” one user quipped.

“who decided Rebecca Black, Big Freedia, 3Oh!3 and Dorian Electra should all be on one song together, I’m crying!” another said.

“Rebecca black AND 3OH!3 in a friday remix????? i feel like i’m 13 again!” yet another wrote.

While some are dubbing the remix “worse than the original,” it’s certainly an unexpected throwback of immense proportions — although it’s worth noting that the original song wasn’t exactly a positive experience for Black, herself.

The singer notably discussed the song’s release nine years after the fact, claiming that she was “afraid of the world” and “ashamed of herself” amid the intense online mockery she received due to her controversial hit.

However, it seems that Rebecca Black is back and better than ever — and is giving listeners the nostalgia trip of the century, in the process.