Top Talent House manager accused of exploiting minors in TikTok house

Members of the Top Talent house pose by a signTop Talent House

Members of TikTok collective Top Talent House are reportedly merging with another house, amid floods of allegations from former members against manager Nour Khodr for alleged exploitation and inappropriate behavior towards minors.

On October 10 a new talent house, in a similar vein to hugely popular Hype and Sway houses, was announced. The lineup initially featured stars with followers in the millions such as Anna Shumate, Rachel Brockman, and Eva Cudmore. The house is managed by 21-year-old Nour Khodr.

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While the house initially looked to be gaining popularity within the TikTok community, not even a month into being active allegations were made by former members of the house toward manager Nour.

Former member Rachel Brockmann shared a thread by internet news reporter and commentary YouTuber Def Noodles on her Instagram story that alleged that “Nour has allegedly provided underage clients with drugs and alcohol. Nour has also allegedly encouraged underage clients to engage in sexual activity with other adult influencers.” The thread also claimed that Rachel had been removed from the house by LA police.

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Current members of the Top Talent house quickly gathered for a livestream around an hour later in which they gave their side of the story. They claimed that “Rachel said that she did not want to go home and that she actually wanted to be emancipated.”

The girls from the house claimed that they feel “super super safe and happy” living in the house. They also explained that their parents had met with Nour and visited the house, and felt comfortable enough to let their children stay there.

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Rachel went on to allege on her own live that Nour had rated his young clients on a “f***ability scale.” She claimed the girls from Top Talent would “say she’s lying because they don’t want to leave.”

She also claimed the Nour would “let his assistant go get [alcohol] for us” despite being minors.

Additionally, former Top Talent member McPlayGT put a statement on Instagram in which he claimed Nour “manipulated” him, and would take “more than three weeks” to pay him, claiming he was busy. He also alleges Nour “had people call me and threaten me for defamation.”

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These allegations seem to have come to a head, after Rachel posted a screenshot of a supposed snapchat conversation with Top Talent member Katie Pego in which Katie said “none of this is going to matter on Monday because we are moving house” and switching manager, merging with Not a Content House.

Screenshot of texts between Top Talent House members

While claims of Top Talent House closing have not been confirmed officially yet, images from Not a Content House’s Instagram page show they have welcomed Top Talent members Anna, Katie, and Eva into their ranks.

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None of the allegations have been officially confirmed, and it is yet unclear whether Nour Khodr is under investigation by the authorities.

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