Angry Reactions promises return to content creation despite abuse allegations

Virginia Glaze

TikTok star Angry Reactions has said that he plans to return to making content, despite quitting social media after being arrested on domestic abuse charges months prior.

In February 2024, prominent TikTok creator ‘Angry Reactions,’ real name Oneya Johnson, was arrested on charges of domestic abuse after he and his ex-partner, Sierra, got into a dispute at a California hotel.

Although the charges against him were later dropped, Johnson said that he would be quitting his work as an influencer, saying “it will just never be the same after all of this.”

However, he has changed his stance on the matter, as told during a May 14 episode of the No Jumper podcast with host Adam22.

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During their conversation, Johnson emotionally explained his current headspace, admitting that he’d actually considered leaving the internet before his arrest and the ensuing fallout.

“It was something I was thinking about,” he revealed. “I just didn’t imagine it happening like this. And who knows? Maybe this is the universe or God, or whatever you believe in, forcing me to do what I’m supposed to.”

Despite his doubts, the TikToker promised to make a comeback on social media but said that he has to deal with his current situation before getting back into the proverbial saddle.

“This sh*t f*cked me up,” he continued. “…I plan on coming back. This isn’t the end of me as a creator. But as of right now, I’m in a situation where I don’t even know what the f*ck I’mma do to get myself outta this.”

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Johnson also said that he’s been deeply affected by his ex-partner’s allegations toward him, claiming that Sierra is making it difficult for him to see their son, whom he deeply loves.

Johnson skyrocketed to fame on TikTok back in 2022. The creator became a household name thanks to his humorous videos sharing positive messages with an angry expression.

Burbank Police were called to a hotel on February 12 after Johnson and Sierra got into a heated dispute. The incident reportedly began as a verbal disagreement before things allegedly became physical between the pair.

Medical aid was not required for the ordeal, and Johnson later posted $5,000 bail. The TikToker explained his side of the story in a YouTube video titled ‘addressing the allegations,’ claiming he had only acted in self-defense after being “attacked” by Sierra.

Later, he updated viewers on the results of his case in a short video on TikTok, saying he was declared “not guilty” and that his case was “dismissed.”

However, Sierra continued to allege that Johnson had been physically abusive toward her. On March 24, she shared “proof” of the abuse in now-deleted videos on TikTok, claiming that he’d threatened her with a gun and even damaged her belongings.

Since then, Sierra has deleted her videos and claimed that she is “one trying to get people to believe me.”

Johnson says he is still navigating the situation with Sierra and trying to see their son but hopes to return to content creation in the future when things are resolved.

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