Lauren Kettering and Madi Monroe explain why they left Not a Content House

Virginia Glaze
Instagram: @laurenkettering, @madimonroe

TikTok stars Lauren Kettering and Madi Monroe have unintentionally caused mayhem throughout their fanbases after being suddenly unfollowed by Not a Content House on Instagram.

TikTok, like YouTube before it, has followed the trend of forming several “content houses,” where groups of influencers live together under a single roof with the intent of stepping up their content creation game.

TikTok itself boasts quite a few of these collectives, from the rival Hype House and Sway House to the Clubhouse and more. However, Not a Content House — an all-female group of TikTokers — has seen two of its biggest members take their leave in an unexpected turn of events.

On January 11, TikTok stars Madi Monroe and Lauren Kettering were unfollowed by Not a Content House on Instagram, leading many fans to believe they’d stirred up some drama with the organization.

However, it seems that the two have actually left the group of their own volition, as explained in a series of Instagram comments they wrote responding to fan speculation.

Despite exiting without an announcement, Kettering claimed that she has no bad blood with the org, instead hinting that she has a wealth of personal projects she wants to focus on.

“I love the girls always!” she said of the situation. “Just gonna do my own thing right now and working on a lot more projects.”

It seems like Monroe is decidedly less optimistic about the group, though, as she claimed that an issue with management was part of her reason for parting ways with the House.

“Na, no hard feelings,” she said in a comment. “I left ‘cause management was weird. Lol still best friends with all the girls.”

Madi Monroe explains why she left Not a Content House

“I decided it would be best if I left,” she added in another reply. “But I still love all my girls.”

Most fans seem to be confused by Madi’s exit from Not a Content House, in particular, as she was one of its founding members. It appears that things have changed since its inception, though — but Madi doesn’t seem to be holding a grudge against the group, leaving fans more confused than ever.