Why did Jesse leave the NELK Boys? Kyle confirms the reason why Jesse left the YouTube group


Fans were shocked when Jesse decided to leave the NELK Boys in 2020. He has yet to return to the group three years later, and co-founder Kyle has now finally revealed the reason why Jesse left. Here’s everything we know.

Over the last couple of years, the NELK Boys – a collective of Canadian YouTubers – have risen in popularity thanks to their outrageous pranks and challenge videos. 

The group was initially made up of two founder members – Kyle and Jesse – with a recurring cast of characters like SteveWillDoIt, Salim Sirur, and Arthur Kulik also appearing in videos. Until 2020, Jesse and Kyle appeared in almost every video, but the former started to step away from things a bit. 

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At the time, Kyle put Jesse’s disappearance from content down to ‘burn out’ but noted that he was still involved. Though, the founding member has now cashed in his chips and walked away from the group somewhat. 

Kyle finally confirms Jesse left NELK Boys with buyout

It was a topic covered in the October 16, 2022 episode of the FULL SEND Podcast, with Kyle noting that Jesse still owns a bit of their Happy Dad Seltzer brand, but has stepped away from the NELK Boys. 

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“It was clear to me that Jesse was not happy being involved in NELK,” Kyle said. “That’s when me and him started talking about things and him saying like ‘Yo I’m kind of down to officially exit’

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“So, we pretty much agreed on a number and that was it. We basically agreed on a number and he got a fat cheque. I’m not going to say it (the buyout number) but he also owns a huge piece of Happy Dad too.”

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Seeing as Sebastiani is playing a role in the Happy Dad brand, it’s not impossible that he won’t re-appear in a video or two at some point, but he’s officially out of the NELK group as a full-time member. 

Everything appears to have gone a lot smoother than Bob Menery’s exit from the FULL SEND Podcast, where there have been claims of money still being owed

Though, Kyle has responded on that front and suggested everything has been addressed on their side.

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