TikTok reveals top TikTokers of 2021: Khaby Lame, BTS, more

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Most followed TikTok accounts 2021
TikTok: bts_official_bighit, khaby.lame

TikTok boasts a slew of uber-popular content creators who have skyrocketed to online stardom on the viral video application… But who were the most popular TikTokers of the entire year?

TikTok is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, and for good reason; the application has birthed a slew of creative trends and viral moments that have taken over the net.

Since it’s explosion in 2020, a slew of creators have risen to mainstream fame thanks to their exploits on TikTok — names like Bella Poarch and Charlie D’Amelio come to mind.

However, 2021 saw even ore growth for the viral video application, with new trends and creators popping up on the app. So, who saw the most growth this year, and who was the most popular TikToker of 2021? The site revealed its users who saw the most growth this year in its 2021 year-end report.

Most followed TikTokers in 2021

# 5 — angryreactions

If you’re a regular on TikTok, you’ve probably heard all about ‘angryreactions.’ Real name Oneya, this creator went viral this year after sharing uplifting messages in a seriously angry tone… and the dichotomy was nothing short of hilarious and endearing.

Oneya made headlines after scoring 1 million TikTok followers in just 24 hours. The creator, who was once homeless, has become a veritable superstar thanks to his content, and we can’t wait to see what life has in store for him next.

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#4 — thedutchgoalkeeper

Dutch football player Koen Geven saw a huge spike in growth on TikTok this year, thanks to his impressive videos that show off his goalkeeping skills.

Geven’s most popular videos see him test the effectiveness of various gloves for goalkeeping, and have earned him a sizable following… and even scored him a feature in a video game.

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#3 — BTS

Korean pop sensation BTS ranks number three in the world’s biggest-growing TikTok accounts of 2021, and it’s not hard to see why. The K-Pop group has been involved in a slew of viral moments this year, including the release of their popular McDonald’s meal, inspiring TikTok’s ‘Boys in Luv’ dance trend, and smashing YouTube records with their single ‘Butter.’

The official BTS TikTok account boasts a whopping 44 million followers.

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#2 — Abby Roberts

The beauty community has been a mainstay on the internet for some time now, and TikToker Abby Roberts smashed into the scene with her impressive makeup skills.

From cosplaying popular characters to creating downright impressive replications of actual real-life celebrities, Abby Roberts’ talents have earned her a jaw-dropping 1.4 billion likes.

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#1 — Khaby Lame

Charli D’Amelio might be the most followed person on TikTok, but Khaby Lame isn’t far behind.

TikTok’s resident life-hack debunker saw a huge surge in growth this year, at one point averaging a staggering 5 million follows per month. Now, Khaby is on track to dethrone Charli D’Amelio as TikTok’s most-followed account, running just behind Charli’s 130 million followers at 122.9 million fans.

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Khaby’s nonplussed reactions to viral life-hack videos have earned him a shocking following, and only time will tell if he’s able to topple Charli in the long run.

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