BTS inspire viral TikTok ‘Boy in Luv’ dance trend and fans are obsessed

BTS dance in a studioYouTube: HYBE LABELS

Korean group BTS is going viral on TikTok after the choreography for their song ‘Boy in Luv’ prompted a dance trend to the tune of Tesher & Jason Derulo’s ‘Jalebi Baby.’

One thing that short-form video platform TikTok is best known for is its dances. From the ‘Renegade’ to the ‘WAP,’ the app has seen a huge range of insanely viral routines over the years.

The latest routine to go viral is set to Tesher & Jason Derulo’s song ‘Jalebi Baby,’ and was actually inspired by global sensations, BTS, who are known for their eye-catching dance routines.

In October, TikTok user narastarling posted a video of member Jin from the dance practice video for their song ‘Boy in Luv,’ which was originally released back in 2014. Jin’s moves quickly picked up traction, with the video at 1.3 million likes and almost 6 million views at the time of writing.

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The video was paired with ‘Jalebi Baby’ in the background, and viewers quickly took to trying out the new combination for themselves, attempting to recreate the dance.

TikToks of people participating in this new trend have been garnering hundreds of thousands of likes and millions of views, and fans have been sure to let people know where the choreography originated from in the comments. They also note that the end of the routine appears to be inspired by fellow K-pop group Enhypen’s song ‘Fever.’

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Despite the dance trend not using the original BTS track, many fans were delighted to see the group’s dancing and choreography getting recognition online, celebrating the resurgence of the 2014 dance on Twitter.

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Videos of people participating in the trend are continuing to gain popularity across the platform, as people stumble across the BTS-inspired dance on their For You Pages.