Charli D’Amelio set to be overtaken as most-followed TikToker by Khaby Lame - Dexerto

Charli D’Amelio set to be overtaken as most-followed TikToker by Khaby Lame

Published: 11/Jul/2021 13:22

by Georgina Smith


Comedy TikToker Khaby Lame looks set to overtake Charli D’Amelio and become the app’s most-followed account as he rises through the ranks at an unbelievable speed.

Ever since she started uploading videos to TikTok in 2019, 17-year-old Charli D’Amelio has been on a non-stop rise to success.

As her follower count grows, so does her career, and along with sister Dixie D’Amelio, she has gone on to make some huge moves in the entertainment industry, becoming a widely recognized name.

She also became the first account to reach 100 million followers in November 2020, and at the time of writing is currently the only person to have achieved that milestone — but it looks like that could all change very soon.


Charli D'Amelio poses in front of some trees
Instagram: charlidamelio
Charli is TikTok’s biggest star.

Khabane Lame is a comedy TikToker who has become a very familiar face for many people on the app, thanks to his videos in which he reacts with an exasperated expression to some of the weirdest ‘life hack’ videos on the internet.

His videos regularly get tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of views, with viewers loving his wordless reactions.

The TikToker is gaining followers at an insane rate, with 87 million at the time of writing. He even overtook social media sensation Addison Rae in early July to become the second most followed account on the entire platform.


@khaby.lameYou can’t do this with PASTA AND TESLA MAN!! and I don’t forgive a man who wastes food.##learnfromkhaby ##learnwithtiktok ##imparacontiktok♬ suono originale – Khabane lame

And he’s showing no signs of slowing down. According to data from Social Tracker, Khaby has managed to gain 10 million followers, just between June 26 and July 11.

Charli currently sits at just under 120 million followers, and at the rate Khaby’s going, it looks like he could be taking Charli’s spot very soon.

Many TikTok users have loved seeing him shake up the most-followed list thanks to his hilarious viral content, and are keen to see whether he actually ends up overtaking social media’s biggest star.