Charli D’Amelio blocks TikToker for making video series on her “failing empire”

Meera Jacka
Charli D'Amelio blocks TikToker for making video series on her "failing empire"

A TikToker has been blocked by Charli D’Amelio after posting a “deep dive” video series explaining her “failing empire” from a marketing perspective.

American social media personality Charli D’Amelio rose to fame in 2019 through TikTok, becoming one of the first influencers to find stardom through the platform.

Having initially gained traction for her dancing videos, Charli and her family quickly capitalized on her popularity by partnering with numerous brands, releasing merch, and even starring in their own reality TV series. However, viewers have noticed that the D’Amelio empire has failed to gain the same notoriety as other celebrity families such as the Kardashians.

Some even claim that the D’Amelio family’s popularity is dwindling and that they are in their “flop era.” According to one TikToker, this decline is due to bad marketing, with a series on TikTok delving into why the empire is “failing.”

In a series titled “Downfall of D’Amelios,” TikToker ‘‘ delved into why he thought Charli’s brand as an influencer was failing to hold momentum. Coming from a marketing background, Bee Better theorized that “When you reach a huge amount of fame, especially in Los Angeles… people latch onto you.”

“I think what it caused was a huge oversaturation; they’re on all these TV shows, they were everywhere,” Bee Better continued. “They’re so accessible already on social media [that] people slowly, slowly stopped losing interest in them [sic].”

Listing the family’s numerous business ventures, Bee Better went on to explain that what ultimately let the D’Amelios down was that their businesses “had no soul.” He said, “It’s such an interesting example. Just because you have millions and millions of followers does not mean people are going to want to buy from you… having this very generalizing clothing line, this very generalized shoe line — it’s not inspired.”

In a follow-up TikTok, Bee Better revealed his deep dive had ruffled some feathers, resulting in Charli blocking him after his first video. However, that didn’t stop the marketing major from continuing to analyze the family empire’s downfall.

Believing he was blocked because Charli recognized some truth to his claims, Bee Better continued his deep dive by explaining how influencers hoping to start their own brands needed to have two things: an element of likeability and self-awareness.

“You [Charli] need to understand that 99% of America is looking at you and your sister as two people that just won the lottery,” he said, referencing the sibling’s seemingly overnight success and their continuous online discussions about the difficulty of fame and the effect of it on their mental health.

“When you make your entire brand circulate around ‘I’m upset, I’m having mental health issues, I’m complaining, I can’t deal with the fame’ — that’s not relatable to your audience.”

Ultimately, Bee Better concluded with a third TikTok that the D’Amelio’s decline in popularity was due to “rapid over-commercialization”, not understanding their audience, and lack of a “coherent brand strategy.”

While Charli herself might not be a fan of the deep dive, viewers on TikTok seemed to agree with Bee Better’s take. One even suggested the youngest D’Amelio should unblock the TikToker’s account and instead “take notes.”

“Always better to slowly build your brand built on authenticity, rather than quickly try to build a business in hopes of quick cash