Corpse Husband teases new song in massive Twitch debut

Corpse Husband teases new song in massive Twitch debutYouTube: Anthony Padilla

Corpse Husband’s Twitch debut happened with a bang as he teased a snippet of his new song to tens of thousands of viewers before playing various games with Pokimane, Sykkuno, and Valkyrae.

After months of speculation, Corpse Husband confirmed he would host his first-ever Twitch stream to celebrate the fact he had 900,000 followers without even streaming on the platform.

The surprise announcement on July 31 — with only a day’s notice — sent his fanbase into a tizzy.

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He spent the first few minutes talking to his friends, trying to figure out what to play.

After settling on Left 4 Dead 2, Corpse decided to play a snippet of his new song to celebrate the occasion. He leaked it once before but deleted the post. So, he gave fans a chance to listen to it again.

“I want to play the Poltergeist [song],” he said. “The song’s not actually named Poltergeist, but I’ll play it again. I want to see how loud it is.”

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And when he did, he claimed that it was so loud, it “woke up everybody that was sleeping.”

After that, it was business as usual. They played games, talked about stuff, and created some entertaining content for their fans.

So, in the end, Corpse’s Twitch debut was a resounding success — which is no surprise given his popularity. It doesn’t matter what platform he streams on, his fanbase transcends them all.

He even crested the million followers milestone on his first stream.

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