Josh Richards reveals he tried to date Charli D’Amelio before Dixie relationship

Virginia Glaze

TikTok star Josh Richards shocked the internet after revealing he attempted to date Charli D’Amelio before his infamous fling with her big sister, Dixie.

In early 2023, rumors started spreading that claimed TikTok stars Josh Richards and Dixie D’Amelio were dating on the down-low following her highly-publicized breakup from ex-boyfriend Noah Beck.

Dixie notably hosted Josh’s 21st birthday at the end of January. The two also attended the Super Bowl together alongside Dixie’s little sister, Charli, and her boyfriend, Landon Barker, on an apparent double date in February.

However, Josh shut down these rumors in an interview with Entertainment Tonight in March, saying they were “just friends right now.”


Despite his protests, Josh later admitted that he had “messed around” with Dixie in October… but it looks like he had his eye on the younger D’Amelio sister well before his relationship with Dixie got off the ground.

Fans think Josh Richards admitted to pursuing Charli D’Amelio before Dixie romance

In a January 22 episode of the Past Your Bedtime podcast, Richards admitted that Charli and Dixie’s mom, Heidi D’Amelio, isn’t a big fan of him.

The reason why? Josh claims that it’s because he was ‘talking’ with Charli before moving on to her big sister.

“The mother didn’t like me that much, ever,” he explained. “When I went and talked to Charli for a little bit, or like, then with Dixie.”

(Topic begins at 35:12)

This comment didn’t slip past eagle-eyed viewers, who were left completely shooketh that Josh had romantically pursued both D’Amelio sisters.

“Tried talking to both sisters and then wonders why the mom doesn’t like him,” one fan wrote on Instagram.

“Wait hold up, he tried to get with Charli and Dixie? JOSH PLEASE,” another exclaimed.

“Some things are better left unsaid,” another commented.

Still, others were left confused as to why Dixie even entertained him after he tried to get with her little sister.

For now, it looks like Dixie is still dating hockey player Trevor Zegras, despite rumors that arose claiming they’d broken up due to potential cheating in December 2023.

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