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Tana Mongeau throws major shade at James Charles on TikTok & Twitter

Published: 1/Jun/2021 23:39

by Bill Cooney


Tana Mongeau took to Twitter and TikTok to apparently celebrate the downfall of her longtime rival James Charles, after the YouTuber was cancelled over the last few months.

James Charles hasn’t had a good 2021 no matter how you look at it. Accusations of underage grooming have resulted in his YouTube channel being demonetized, his makeup line being pulled by Morphe, and a number of other incidents.

One person who definitely seems to be enjoying the fallout is Tana Mongeau, who was close with Charles until claiming in April 2021 that she had been “manipulated” into defending him from grooming harassments back in 2019.


Tana said at the time that she had “reconciled” with Gage Gomez (who made the accusations against Charles back 2019), and on June 1, the pair appeared together in a TikTok throwing some serious shade James’ way.

The clip shows Tana and Gage lip-singing to Post Malone’s 2017 hit “Congratulations,” with text reading “when the person we’ve hated forever is finally cancelled.”

While what we see initially hints that Charles is the target of the video, it was Tana liking a fan’s comment theorizing James was the target that confirmed it beyond a doubt.

@tanamongeauloliykyk @gagegomez5♬ original sound – Chips999

But Tana wasn’t done there; in addition to the TikTok, she also let off a few choice tweets that could also be talking about the embattled YouTuber.


“Oh the tea is piping hot today,” Mongeau tweeted, before following it up with a simple “disgusting” a few minutes later.

Now, given her earlier TikTok, you could definitely assume these had to do with James Charles – but June 1 was also the same day TikToker Sienna Mae Gomez finally addressed allegations that claimed she’d sexually assaulted fellow creator Jack Wright, so it’s completely possible she could have been referencing that situation, as well.

Tana Mongeau sits facing the camera in a storytime video
YouTube: Tana Mongeau
Tana is obviously enjoying watching these scandals from the sidelines.

2021 has given Tana and the rest of the internet an abundance of tea to sip and spill, and as we’re not even halfway through the year yet, there’s surely plenty more to come.


While Mongeau hasn’t had any major drama like what Charles is going through happen to her in recent months, she was kicked out of an LA bar for allegedly filming another patron with alcohol poisoning.

In addition, both Bella Thorne and Corinna Kopf have said they would get into the ring to fight Tana in an influencer boxing match, but so far, Tana seems to be taking the drama 2021 has to offer in from the stands… and we can’t really blame her.